Nasty Sister-in-Law

Aloof and rude, I think my self-respect demands that I distance myself from my husband’s sister.

No Confidence

I really want to make my dreams come true, but I’m too scared of what people will think.

The Frame Game

One simple game can change how you judge people.

Atticus Finch and Fallen Heroes

If we stop believing in heroes there’s no hope for us ever to become like them.

Inside Out & Emotional Integration

The more we embrace our emotions, the more alive we feel.

Hank Greenberg & WW2

Greenberg, baseball’s highest-paid player before the war, was the first Major Leaguer to enlist.

Queen Elizabeth’s Nazi Salute

Don’t let an 80-year-old photo distract you from the real threats affecting the Jewish people today.

Samsung, Shame on You

Anti-Jewish smear campaign rears its ugly head.

When "I Love You, Daddy" Isn't Enough

Imagine the long-term impact our smart phone addiction will have on kids.

Four Major Problems with the Iran Deal

It is breathtaking in its concessions to a regime that is the foremost sponsor of terror and vows to annihilate the Jewish state.

Permission to Destroy the Jews

With the Iran nuclear deal, we must not let history repeat itself.

Omar Sharif and the Jews

The Arab boycott against the actor and its contemporary sequel.


My son’s school wants him to tattle on his friends or be expelled. What should we do?

The Depth of Inside/Out

The Disney film teaches one of the most powerful principles for experiencing joy.

My Top 5 Grateful Dead Lyrics

Their poetry can touch the deepest realms of the Jewish soul.


5 reasons to spend more time alone.

A Terrible Deal

The Iran deal is the worst agreement in U.S. diplomatic history.

The Deal with Iran

An Israeli ex-envoy believes the Iran deal is bad for Israel, U.S. and the world.

Should I Keep My Materialistic Friend?

My friend always talks about money. Should I keep her as a friend?

Short People

I’m really frustrated about being short.

App Run Amok

New App tells you who your real friends are!

The Dangers of Willful Blindness

The masses prefer to ignore reality and ordinary people can courageously speak up and become heroes.

Are You Raising a Narcissist?

4 ways to prevent this dreaded character disorder.

The Knock on my Door

I was engrossed in Downton Abbey. Did I have to stop to welcome the beggar at my door?

In-Law Woes

Help! My mother-in-law is taking over my life and my husband doesn’t care.

Parents Fighting

My parents have a terrible marriage and it’s affecting my whole family. What should I do?

Sheryl Sandberg and Shloshim

Bringing the ideas of Jewish mourning into the national spotlight.

Broken Family

My daughter has run off and my son-in-law won’t let me see my grandsons. Should I continue to help them out?

Targeting Stay-At-Home Moms

Are stay-at-home moms weak and dependent?

Dealing with Depression

There is a world of difference between clinical depression and having a bad day.

The Leap Second

What you can do with one second on June 30th?

An Incredible Kindness

A group of Orthodox Jews transport U.S. Sergeant Jordan Adams on a private plane for critical treatment.

Help Us Win a Ramp-van

Heart-rending words from a mother of four disabled children.

Am I A Control Freak?

I have this need to feel in control. Is something wrong with me?

Mother’s Cosmetic Surgery

My mother scheduled plastic surgery to improve her appearance. My father and I think she’s making a big mistake.


4 lessons I’ve learned in giving to others.

Manipulative Friend

Stay away from people who don’t treat you well.

The Baltimore Riots: One Rabbi's Perspective from the Front Lines

Recent events have left many of us on-edge. Here's what we can do to help.

My Wife Is No Longer Religious

I love my wife very much and don't want to lose her. I don’t know what to do.

Civil Disobedience: Baltimore and the Bible

We must speak out against wrongs, but only justice – by way of justice – is legitimate.

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