Broken Family

My daughter has run off and my son-in-law won’t let me see my grandsons. Should I continue to help them out?

Targeting Stay-At-Home Moms

Are stay-at-home moms weak and dependent?

Dealing with Depression

There is a world of difference between clinical depression and having a bad day.

The Leap Second

What you can do with one second on June 30th?

An Incredible Kindness

A group of Orthodox Jews transport U.S. Sergeant Jordan Adams on a private plane for critical treatment.

Help Us Win a Ramp-van

Heart-rending words from a mother of four disabled children.

Am I A Control Freak?

I have this need to feel in control. Is something wrong with me?

Mother’s Cosmetic Surgery

My mother scheduled plastic surgery to improve her appearance. My father and I think she’s making a big mistake.


4 lessons I’ve learned in giving to others.

Manipulative Friend

Stay away from people who don’t treat you well.

The Baltimore Riots: One Rabbi's Perspective from the Front Lines

Recent events have left many of us on-edge. Here's what we can do to help.

My Wife Is No Longer Religious

I love my wife very much and don't want to lose her. I don’t know what to do.

Civil Disobedience: Baltimore and the Bible

We must speak out against wrongs, but only justice – by way of justice – is legitimate.

Under Siege in Baltimore

Bombs in Jerusalem didn’t scare me. But these riots are different.

Money & Happiness

Money cannot buy happiness… with one exception.

Robert Downey Jr.’s Awkward Interview

The actor walked out of the interview teaching a valuable lesson about proper speech.

Believing Iran

Does Tehran mean what it says? Oh, yes.

Mother with Unreasonable Expectations

I feel I will never be good enough for my mother.

You in One Word

Sum up who you are using one, single word.

Tortured in Iran

Ahmad Batebi bears witness to a brutal, untrustworthy regime.

A Nazi in the Family

Three years ago I discovered that my grandfather was a member of the SS and arrested for crimes against humanity.


My husband is annoyed that I spend so much time involved in many worthwhile causes.

Slavery Today

Recognizing the reality of human trafficking this Passover.

Sy Syms & Passover

Lessons on freedom from a departed entrepreneur.

The Chris Borland Story

A powerful reminder that money isn’t everything.

Boiling Point

I hate confrontation and let things slide until things boil over and I explode.

The Violin that Witnessed History

Violinist Bronislaw Huberman saved hundreds from the Nazis. The amazing story behind Joshua Bell’s priceless Stradivarius.

Love Notes to God

How do I know God loves me?

Bye Bye Batman

I had no idea my comic collection would become so valuable.

Selma and the Jews

In our time of increasing anti-Semitism, understanding between blacks and Jews needs to be strengthened.

Poll Shocker

Majority of secular Israelis are ready to study Torah.

Netanyahu’s Churchillian Warning

Like Churchill, will Netanyahu also be ignored?

Husband’s Dysfunctional Family

My husband’s a gem, his family is not. We’re expecting our first baby and they want to be in our lives more often.

Mordechai’s Secret Weapon!

How did he get the Jewish people to listen and help save the day?

Self-Discipline and Grit

Help! I need to lose weight after being in bed for a month with mono.

Where Have All the Good Jewish Women Gone?

Some women seem to be more interested in over-achieving than in maintaining a relationship.

Muslim Ring of Peace

Over 650 young Muslims have volunteered to guard Oslo Synagogue on Shabbat in support of the Jewish people.

Europe Needs to Confront its Anti-Semitism

After Copenhagen, here are the next steps I wish Europe would take.

Severing Contact with Divorced Sister-in-Law

Our brother demands that we end our relationship with his first wife. None of his siblings want to.

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