Israeli Ambassador in Space

Col. Ilan Ramon will orbit the earth in search of Jewish unity. An exclusive interview with

The Truth about Television

What they don't want you to know about television and videos.

Tolkien's Clash of Civilizations

The eerie relevance of The Two Towers.

Trent Lott's Moment

Each word and action is brimming with power. The trick is aiming in the right direction.

Fighting for Israel

Every year Alan Leventen takes a break from his senior executive position in NYC and serves in the Israeli army, risking his life in the war against terror. What makes this man tick?

The Mysteries of Snow and Lightning

Ever wonder how perennials survive the winter and what the secret purpose of lightning is?

The Mandate to Heal

What is the role of a physician in Jewish law?

The Spy Who's Locked Into the Cold

It's time to release Jonathan Pollard.

Henny's Secret

There is no limit to how much love and compassion can emanate from one human heart.

Enron's Collateral Damage

In an age of electronic information, a person's reputation can be destroyed with the press of a button.

Shaking Hands with the Opposite Gender

The ethicist of the NY Times gets it wrong.

The 'James' Ossuary Inscription

The ossuary was genuine, but the inscription was faked.

The Snipers: Crazy or Jihadis?

The jihad element cannot be so readily dismissed.

My People and My Country

For Carol Aminoff, Israel is her passion.

Suddenly Jewish

Jews raised as gentiles discover their Jewish roots.

Jimmy Carter's Ignoble Prize

A smug little group of Norwegian politicians continues to show disturbingly bad judgment in choosing the Nobel Peace Prize recipients.

Jewish Tales of Holy Women

Precious tales that give us a peek in to a world of devotional beauty that focuses on kindness.

God's Management Theory

God was willing to risk His reputation in order to demonstrate how to achieve true success. The least we could do is try to emulate Him.

Seeing Angels

Some things I didn't learn in medical school.

A War Against What?

Only when "war on terrorism" becomes "war on militant Islam" can the war actually be won.

WORLD PERFECT: The Jewish Impact on Civilization

Where did the values and principles of the modern world come from?

Ben Franklin's Loophole

While honesty may be the best policy, there are other policies, like tax evasion, insider trading and phony profits, that are also very good.

Biosphere: Recreating the World

Biosphere was meant to figuratively take control of the Universe from God. Apparently God had other plans.

Against Moral Confusion

In the war against terror, our moral clarity is as indispensable as our Special Forces and our F-16s. Let us resolve not to lose it.

Friendship and Loyalty

In the darkened stairwell of One World Trade Center, one man taught the world the meaning of friendship and loyalty.

Through the Valley of Death

The personal miracle of a rescue worker buried beneath the rubble of the Twin Towers.

Condemning the Terrorists

September 11th and the danger of moral relativism.

The Rabbi's Daughter

Starting a new job is no easy task when you have a title to live up to.

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