The Branding of a Heretic

Are religious scientists unwelcome at the Smithsonian?

A Family of Heroes

There's a little bit of Judah Maccabee in the Academy Award nominated film, "The Incredibles."

Age of the Universe

How old is the world? Ancient commentators propose that the world may be simultaneously young and old.

A Real Bargain

Do I look like a thief to you?

Almost Normal

I always considered "being normal" the most important quality in a person. Then I had a baby with Down syndrome.

The Ethics of Genetic Screening

A Jewish perspective on issues related to screening for Tay-Sachs disease.

After Disaster

Cheryl Jacobson, a diminutive Pentagon warrior, has much to teach us about coping with catastrophe.

Taking Back Nature: A Reflection

Every so often, we are reminded that we are not the conquerors, but trustees.

Reacting to the Tsunami

A spiritual response to disaster.

Gifts of a Convert

The metamorphosis of Ahuvah Gray, a black American who was once a Christian minister and is now an Orthodox Jew.

To Everything There is a Season

When confronted with evil, it's the time to fight - and to counteract with kindness.

UN Scandal (Yawn)

Kofi Annan is a symptom of the UN's sickness.

The Jewish Ethicist: No-Shop Day(s)

Shabbat serves as a weekly reminder that we don't live to work, we work to live.

Darfur: Never Again?

As Jews, we have an increased moral obligation to respond, to speak out and take action.

Friends Don't Grow on Trees

Why are some people blessed with wonderful, caring friends while others seem destined for loneliness?

In Praise of Praise

Whether the workplace, at home, or school - everyone thrives on sincere praise.


Contrasting our problems with the difficulties previous Jewish generations had to endure puts some things in to perspective.

Life in the Swing State

Spiritual lessons from the crucial presidential vote in Ohio.

Judaism and Modern Technology

From cloned sheep to implantable chips in human beings, are we moving too fast through uncharted territory?

Hope, Jews, and the Boston Red Sox

Years of heartbreak, disaster, close-calls, cosmic blunders -- and the people still had hope and hung on.

Downfall of the Yankees

Does God care about the baseball playoffs?

My Car

It's been an office, phone booth, dining room, and hair and make-up salon. Last week I got a wake up call that changed all that.

Super Powers

As a quadriplegic, Christopher Reeve demonstrated heroic powers.

The Corporate Mitzvah: Creating Value with Values

Companies concerned with both profit making and providing social benefits outperform businesses that focus exclusively on financial gains.

The Golden Rule

Giving others the greatest gift possible.

Standing Strong against Terrorism

A cry from an Arab American over the carnage in Russia.

Olympic Champions

A Jewish look at the quest for greatness.

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