Doctor Knows Best?

Does Judaism grant patient autonomy in medical decision-making?

If I Were a Rich Man

Losing a lot of money, just like suddenly making millions, forces you to confront your real priorities in life.

Life Itself

In the Netherlands emotional pain is sufficient legal justification to assist in one's suicide. What is happening to the immeasurable value in human life?

The Jewish Ethicist: Confidential Ex-Con II

Should I tell a business owner that a job applicant has a criminal record?


The Jews always honored their heroes, biblical or otherwise, without forgetting that they were human beings and subject to mistakes and failures.

Yasir Arafat: A Political Biography

The relentless career of a confidence man.

A Picture of Life

The present has become an elaborate excuse to take a picture for the future.

How Could She Do that to Me?!

Why do we take things so personally?

If There's Anything I Can Do

Practical ideas on how to help those who have suffered loss.

Confessions of a Yam-less Mother

As a doctor, wife and mother, I was blessed to have it all. But that leaves me on my toes, spinning as fast as I possibly can.

The Jewish Ethicist: Revoloving Door

Should public servants go to work for the very businesses they policed?

Justice and Saddam Hussein

There will be no justice for Iraq's former ruler.

A Tale of Two Crypts

Jawad Amir Sayyid's story makes a powerful symbolic counterpoint to Saddam Hussein's capture.

Seven Blessings: Q&A with the Author

A unique novel captures Jerusalem's hidden world of matchmaking and Torah learning.

Let's Do Lunch!

"How are you?" "I'll give you a call!" and other words we use to create the illusion of caring.

Arafat's War

A well argued, fast-paced, and engaging book offers an authoritative and provocative portrait of one of the most controversial leaders of the 20th century.

Caught in the Middle

Pulled between responsibilities towards one's children and one's aging parents, "the sandwich generation" have their own unique dilemmas.

A Woman's Choice

More and more women are choosing to conquer the world by staying home to raise their children.

The Terri Schiavo Case: Related Ethical Dilemmas

Jewish perspectives on living wills and issues regarding nutrition and hydration in the terminally ill patient.

The Jewish Firefighter

Forget about law school. Become a firefighter.

Celebrating the Success of Others

We can either tear down another person's success or be inspired by the example. We can choose to be Abel, or choose to be Cain.

The Jewish Ethicist: Why the World Needs a Jewish State

The Jewish state in the land of Israel is not only ethically justifiable, but an essential condition for the realization of the ethical vision of the prophets.

The I of the Beholder

How can we get free of the petty tyrannies of our own female vanity?

Should Terri Schiavo Live or Die?

It is a denial of the Jewish ideal of the fundamental value of life that drives the forces that wish to remove Terri Schiavo's feeding tube.


Our obsession for acquiring wealth has far less to do with our personal wants than with our refusal to have less than others.

The Jewish Ethicist: Exorbitant Execs

Is it ethical for executives to pay themselves stratospheric salaries?

Confessions of an SJF

I may lack a husband and children, but that's no reason for self-pity.

What's In Store

I may be only 15 years old, but there's plenty I've learned about life from working in a store.

Bartering with God

I never believed in the Divine Barter System. Never believed those "miracles" would happen… until they happened to me.

Baseless Hatred

When it comes to finding the negative qualities in others, our imagination becomes a veritable fountain of ideas. But finding the good in others takes so much thought and effort.

It's Already Broken

If having possessions means living in fear and loss, we are not richer for them.

Inside the Tower

A rescue worker looks back to that fateful day.

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