A War Against What?

Only when "war on terrorism" becomes "war on militant Islam" can the war actually be won.

WORLD PERFECT: The Jewish Impact on Civilization

Where did the values and principles of the modern world come from?

Ben Franklin's Loophole

While honesty may be the best policy, there are other policies, like tax evasion, insider trading and phony profits, that are also very good.

Biosphere: Recreating the World

Biosphere was meant to figuratively take control of the Universe from God. Apparently God had other plans.

Against Moral Confusion

In the war against terror, our moral clarity is as indispensable as our Special Forces and our F-16s. Let us resolve not to lose it.

Friendship and Loyalty

In the darkened stairwell of One World Trade Center, one man taught the world the meaning of friendship and loyalty.

Through the Valley of Death

The personal miracle of a rescue worker buried beneath the rubble of the Twin Towers.

Condemning the Terrorists

September 11th and the danger of moral relativism.

The Rabbi's Daughter

Starting a new job is no easy task when you have a title to live up to.

Treating Aids in Africa

An American Jew tries to stem the tide with few resources and an overwhelming caseload.

Is Managed Care Unethical?

There are a variety of potentially problematic concepts that come into play when evaluating managed care according to Jewish values.

No Rachel on Daytime T.V.

The matriarch of the Jewish people embodies the opposite of typical daytime TV fare.

An Overload of Success

One morning my heart stopped and at age 37 I died. Here is the story of my demise, my physical recovery and my spiritual rebirth.

Elbowing God Out

The ruling barring "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance shares a similar hubris that contributed to the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem.

The Curse of the Billable Hour

As a lawyer, life can be an endless game of billing time. What happens to those non-billable hours?

The Jewish Ethicist - Silent Revolution

How can business create a structure that contributes to social responsibility?

The Land of Hope and Dreams

After September 11th, I decided to become an American citizen. Here's why.

Aaron Feuerstein: Bankrupt and Wealthy

Mr. Feuerstein is a legend in the corporate world. His company is now bankrupt and he doesn't regret a thing.

In The Beginning

What are the theological implications of modern cosmology?

Looking at the Horror

Revisiting a painful and, alas, timely issue: Should people watch the gruesome video of Daniel Pearl's brutal murder?

Silver Spoon Kids

Money, kids and the sudden discovery of being Jewish. An interview with the authors of "Silver Spoon Kids."

Six Days of War

A new, definitive book on the Six Day War.

Two-Time Survivor

Norma survived both attacks on the World Trade Center and she believes she knows why.

The Jewish Ethicist: Middleman Muddle

My real estate agent doesn't know I rented the apartment she found for me.


Spider-Man mirrors the consciousness of Jewish activists. So says the creator of a Jewish superhero comic series.

State's Terror Untruths

This year's report on "Patterns of Global Terrorism" veers into unreliability and even falsehood. It's a dangerous document likely to harm the war on terrorism.

Elliott Gould: An Actor's Life

Elliott Gould discusses Jewish identity, education and the risks and benefits of being an actor in this candid interview.

Calling All Jewish Superheroes

Hollywood may not produce films with these superheroes, but the appearance of any of the following individuals would be greatly appreciated.

The TV Fix

Turn off the tube, turn on your mind.

Bringing Work Back Home

Confessions of an unbalanced mom. An excerpt from the new book, "Life's Work."

The Jewish Ethicist: Fast Service

Customers feel they're being cheated by my prompt service. Can I shlep out the repairs?

Anti-Semitic Awakening

Why does such vile enmity wrack Europe, while America not only remains free of it but persists in standing by Israel in the present clash with the Palestinians?

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