Leadership and Corporate America

The corporate environment is always changing. Here's my checklist of the ten most desired leadership traits I learned in the U.S. Army.

The Jewish Ethicist: Religious Disclosure

Does one have to tell a prospective employer that he keeps Shabbat? Is it permissible for a man to remove his kippah?

Archaeology and the Bible - Part 2

Is there archaeological evidence that supports the Bible?

The Red Tent

A popular novel characterizes the founders of the Jewish people as full of intrigue, lust and deceit. Should that bother us?

The Workplace Covenant

"What do you expect from your job?" In asking this question, we often forget to consider what our employer expects from us.

The Jewish Ethicist: Embellishing Your Resume

Is it okay to stretch the truth a bit to increase your chances of getting a job interview?

Broken Bodies, Broken Hearts

The story of one small Ethiopian boy dying in Addis Ababa and one Jewish physician who wouldn't give up on him.

Confessions of a Reject

Every aspect of our lives is a breeding ground for potential rejection. We better find ways to deal with it.

Gossip in the Workplace

If not for recycled rumors, catty appraisals, backhanded compliments and sarcastic asides, how would we ever make interesting conversation?

On The Brink in Ethiopia

Dr. Rick Hodes has put himself in the middle of Africa's bloodiest conflicts to save lives.

Return of the USS Liberty

A new book accuses Israel of deliberately attacking an American ship in June 1967.

The Jewish Ethicist: Chat Room Charades

Is it ethical to assume a false identity online in order to promote your product?

Archaeology and the Exodus

One rabbi asserts that the Exodus never happened. What role does archaeology play in verifying Biblical events?

The Superwoman Juggling Act

Doing it all means that eventually something will give -- your health, your family or your spiritual life.

The Jewish Ethicist: Ethical Stealing?

On stealing money to collect a debt, and making up time for a job that requires no real work.


Everyone (well, mostly guys) with any kind of money eventually succumbs to a beautiful car.

Just Like Me

We all have unique gifts and personal differences. Remembering we all come from the family of Adam helps us to deal with cultural and racial diversity in the workplace.

Working Moms: Life on the High Wire

Both the tightrope man and the working mom make it look easy.

Just Listen, Will Ya?

This Passover, let's reclaim the lost art of listening.

Money and the Meaning Life

Jacob Needleman has counseled the rich and successful on matters of money and meaning. His conclusion: "Money is like a mirror to our culture. What we see tells us who we are."

The Jewish Ethicist: Unethical Moral Leaders

Despite their heavy responsibility to be good examples, spiritual leaders have the same human impulses as everyone else.

Gladiator: More Than a Tale of Gore

Might there actually be a message in this Academy Award-winning movie that I could agree with?

Making It In Hollywood

What happens when a successful television executive realizes that he is responsible for the content millions of people would end up watching?

An Interview with Norman Lear

The famed TV producer talks about the art of making a difference, attaining success, and his heroes.

Work That Matters

We all face defining moments in our life. In answering the question "Why do we work?" we can each discover our own greatness.

On The Road

Being a comedian is a great profession. When done right, there are few things in life that can match stand-up comedy. But then I got married and everything changed.

The Jewish Ethicist: Personal Phone Calls

Is it ethical to break company policy if no one, including top management, keeps it anyway?

Cheeseburger Island

Facing a challenge is a noble endeavor. Putting yourself in a dangerous situation may be stupid.

The Anthropic Principle

Scientists call it the "Goldilocks" story. Alone among planets, earth supports human life, because it is "not too hot and not too cold, not too hard and not too soft, but just right".

Media Critique: Time's "Fields of Fire"

In an article bad enough to cancel your subscription over, Time magazine implicates Israel in the deaths of Palestinian children.

Objectivity and the Media: Critique #4 - The News From London

BBC and the London Times consistently distort the facts to portray Israel as the aggressor.

When Media Becomes Malignant

There's another battle taking place in Israel. This one is being led by the media.

Tiger Woods and the Rosh Hashana Secret

Golf is a model for life. It is a game in which you play against the fiercest most vicious opponent that exists -- yourself.

All the Rage

Murder out of rage is not primarily a moral problem. It is an extreme reaction of an individual who just realized he is not in charge of his world.

Judaism and the Human Genome Project

Now that we have the "genetic operating manual" for homo sapiens, where will it take us?

Rights vs. Right

Why can't I affirm the assertion of others that traditional Judaism looks down at women?

The Lieberman Legacy

Joseph Lieberman observes Shabbat and eats kosher. Is that good for the Jews?

Are Jews X-Men?

The movie "X-Men" describes a group of mutants who are rejected by the rest of humanity. For me, it hit very close to home.

Harry Potter and the War Between Good and Evil

As a Jew, I could not help but reflect on the contrasting attitudes between Judaism and the world of Harry Potter towards this epic struggle.

Jewish Genes

There is now new and exciting DNA evidence for common Jewish origin -- not just among Cohanim, the Priestly Class, but among Jews scattered all over the globe.

My So-Called Mid-Life Crisis

I thought I was immune. What happens when a happily married woman hits a mid-life crisis?

The Jewish Physique

You mean abs aren't for washing clothes? A guy endures emasculating aerobics teachers and tortuous exercise devices to discover he needs his scale to read "balanced".

Spring Fever - Catch It!

There's something in the air. The crack of a bat, a deep line drive -- and the beauty of being a Jew.

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