The Jewish Ethicist: Strikes in Vital Services

Is it permissible for providers of vital services to go on strike?

Jewish Attitude

David Suissa, a top advertising executive, wants to sell you something: unconditional love for every Jew.

The Jewish Ethicist: Growing Apart

Should I tell my old friend that we just don't have anything in common?

Taking Credit

True success in business -- and in life -- comes when it's not about you.

The Jewish Ethicist: Office Gossip

How to protect yourself from listening to workplace gossip.

Leaving the Pinnacle

Why I left a six-figure job for a no-figure job.

The Jewish Ethicist: Biblical Ethics

How can we understand the ethics of the economic relations described in the Torah?

Being Peter Himmelman

A peek inside the Jewish soul of one of today's most talented musicians.

The Jewish Ethicist: Stealing Customers

Can I ask someone at my old place of employment to obtain a customer list?

What Am I Doing Here?

It's a question that many of us, unfortunately, ask ourselves about our working environments each and every day.

My Ethical Dilemmas

Think it's easy for a 15-year-old to work in a store? Think again.

The Jewish Ethicist: Open Eavesdropping

Can I listen in on clients who don't know I understand their language?

L.A. Law

Yale graduate, Harvard Law School, stand-up comic, observant Jew. Meet the irrepressible Diane Faber.

Faith and the Economic Slowdown

If people have no faith in God, He will see to it that they will also have no faith in each other.

The Jewish Ethicist: Some Favor

Do I have to reimburse someone who tried to do me a favor?

Seeding Israel

For Jon Medved, cofounder of a leading venture capital fund, Israel is the center stage and he wants to be a player.

Israeli Ambassador in Space

Col. Ilan Ramon will orbit the earth in search of Jewish unity. An exclusive interview with

Fighting for Israel

Every year Alan Leventen takes a break from his senior executive position in NYC and serves in the Israeli army, risking his life in the war against terror. What makes this man tick?

The Jewish Ethicist: Charitable Worth

How can I make the most effective use of my charity dollar?

The Mandate to Heal

What is the role of a physician in Jewish law?

The Jewish Ethicist: Surreptitious Speaker Phone

Do I need the caller's permission to put a call on the speakerphone?

Enron's Collateral Damage

In an age of electronic information, a person's reputation can be destroyed with the press of a button.

The Jewish Ethicist: Respect or Neglect?

Should I disclose my friend's problem so that others can help him?

My People and My Country

For Carol Aminoff, Israel is her passion.

God's Management Theory

God was willing to risk His reputation in order to demonstrate how to achieve true success. The least we could do is try to emulate Him.

Seeing Angels

Some things I didn't learn in medical school.

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