The Jewish Ethicist: Billable Minutes?

If you bill by the hour, adopt an equitable policy for interruptions.

Faith and the Stock Market

Successful investing has little to do with intelligence.

The Jewish Ethicist: Complicity

There is no excuse to take part in fraud, even if you're not the instigator.

The Jewish Ethicist: Bottom of the Barrel

The fine line between decorating and misrepresenting merchandise.

The Jewish Ethicist: Evaluating the Teacher

My teacher was terrible. Can I give my honest opinion on the school's course evaluation?

Work and Human Dignity

Why the highest form of tzedakah is helping someone find a job.

Total Leadership

An interview with the founding director of the Wharton School's Leadership Program and Wharton's Work/Life Integration Project.

The Jewish Ethicist: Secret Strategy or Scam?

In financial relationships, the Talmud recognized the need for the highest level of transparency and accountability.

The Jewish Ethicist: Bad Buyer

Can I browse in a high end store and then buy at discount retailer?

Quote Unquote

The job took three times as long as expected. Can I suddenly double the price?

The Jewish Ethicist: Scientist or Salesman?

Is it unethical for an scientist to have commercial interests involved in his work?

The Jewish Ethicist: Age and Independence

It's wrong to give so much that we become dependent on the public.

Economics Needs Ethics

No amount of regulation will restore our sense of honor andshame.

Surviving the Economic Crisis

Coping, persevering and winning in troubled economic times.

The Jewish Ethicist: In Case of Emergency

I don't want to give my money to charity – I might need it one day.

The Jewish Ethicist: Custodian

My mother is incapacitated. Should I be giving charity from her income?

The Man at the Door

It's hard to make a decent living.

The Jewish Ethicist: Borderline Poor

For poor families, some special expenses can be considered charity.

Kosher in the White House

Reflections from a Washington insider.

The Jewish Ethicist: Tainted Money

Charities should not accept donations tainted by wrongdoing

The Jewish Ethicist: Witness for Hire, Part 2

Expert witnesses may not slant their testimony with an eye to future business.

My Citicorp Moment

The gift of being fired.

The Jewish Ethicist: Witness for Hire, Part I

The legal system should mitigate incentives for slanted expert testimony


Reality hit, along with depression. No job. And worse, no chances of finding a new one either.

The Jewish Ethicist: Warehouse and Home

You can get rid of supplies left in your house, but do it thoughtfully.

The Jewish Ethicist: Seeking Lost Owner

Lost object? Seek a forum likely familiar to the unknown owner.

The Jewish Ethicist - Is It Charity?

Kindness to others shouldn't be limited to the poor and needy.

The Jewish Ethicist - Snitch

Constructive disclosures need to have constructive intentions as well.

The Jewish Ethicist - Wrong Store

When customers visit by accident, you should set them right.

When The Dow Goes Down

A Jewish perspective on the widening financial crisis.

The Jewish Ethicist - Thou Shalt Pay

Payment is not only a right of the creditor, it is also the duty of the debtor.

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