The Jewish Ethicist - Short Notice Cancellation

They cancelled a few hours before the party. Am I entitled to reparations?

The Jewish Ethicist - Smart and Rich

It's okay to profit from superior knowledge if it was fairly obtained.

Sub-Prime Meltdown

What the mortgage banking industry can teach us about Rosh Hashana.

The Jewish Ethicist - Eat Now, Pay Later

Can I open kids' treats in the supermarket and pay at checkout?

Filling My Father's Chair

It seemed unthinkable that my father's chair could ever be filled by anyone else. But Someday came sooner than we expected.

The Jewish Ethicist - Anti-Aristocracy

Understanding the Torah's obligation of tithing. It's more than fighting poverty.

The Jewish Ethicist - Bank Error

Can I keep the money the bank mistakenly deposited into my account?

The Jewish Ethicist - Slander in Self-Defense

Can I bad-mouth an employee who suddenly quit to go into competition?

The Jewish Ethicist - Under the Table

Should I register my protest and give it to my friend's boss?

The Podiatrist

Amazing how a simple thing like an extra $1,500 can suddenly confuse one's thinking.

The Jewish Ethicist - Global Threats

What does the Torah say about pollution when there is no effective communal authority to regulate it?

The Jewish Ethicist - Homework Help

The delicate line between helping a child with assignments and actually doing them.

The Jewish Ethicist - Teenager in our Midst

Should we report our neighbor who is breaking our age-restricted community by-laws?

The Jewish Ethicist - Addiction: Servitude to Substances

It is incumbent on all Jews to work to redeem addicts from theirdestructive habits.

The Jewish Ethicist - Confronting Street Youths

Should I stand up to a group of kids who are creating a real ruckus?

Getting Caught

Nurturing ethical behavior in teenagers.

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