Daughter’s Rude Boyfriend

Is it superficial or is my daughter dating a real jerk?

Daughter Is Happy, But My Heart Breaks

Sometimes the best advice is to do nothing.

Daughter-in-Law from Hell

Emuna’s difficult advice to a desperate mother-in-law.

Dear Emuna: Men, Women & Intimacy

Hollywood-style romance makes us feel like we’re missing out on something.

Dear Emuna: Enchanted by Christmas

Help! Our son seems resentful that we don’t have a comparable celebration.

Dear Emuna: Not on the Same Parenting Page

Help! I can’t stand the way my wife treats our kids.

Dear Emuna: Intermarriage & Marrying Jewish

How can I teach my children the importance of marrying Jewish, when our life is filled with happy, intermarried people?

Dear Emuna: My Daughter, the Genius

Our daughter is very gifted. How do we make sure she stays grounded and normal while bringing out her full potential?

Dear Emuna: Different Parenting Styles

He thinks I’m overprotective and I think he’s not careful enough.

Dear Emuna: Kids’ Financial Struggles

My married daughter and her family are struggling financially and I have no resources to help them.

Dear Emuna: Uprooting the Kids

My husband’s dream job requires moving. My kids say we’re ruining their lives. Are we?

Dear Emuna: When Friends Hurt a Spouse

I was hurt by my husband’s friends and even more hurt that my husband doesn’t stand by me.

Dear Emuna: Cheating Husband

Something special between us was broken. Can we rebuild our marriage?

Dear Emuna: Changing My Husband

How can I help my husband change a certain trait?

Dear Emuna: Is It Time for Therapy?

Should I take my teenage daughter to a therapist?

Dear Emuna: No Plans for Summer

Should I let my teenaged son hang out with his friends or should I insist on a plan?

Dear Emuna: Grown Apart

I feel distant from my wife. What can I do to save our marriage?

Dear Emuna: My Overweight Husband

Help! My new husband is gaining a lot of weight!

Dear Emuna: The Travelling Husband

Help! My husband is planning a business trip right after I’m due!

Dear Emuna: Joining Israel’s Army

Help! My son wants to enlist in the Israel Defense Forces.

Dear Emuna: Into His Cave

Help! My husband retreats whenever I express my frustration.

Dear Emuna: TV as a Babysitter

Am I a bad mother if I let my kids watch the occasional show?

Dear Emuna: Wandering Eyes

My husband thinks it’s normal to notice the prettiest woman in the room.

Dear Emuna: Provocative Clothing

How do I convince my wife to dress more modestly without coming off as a control freak?

Dear Emuna: All-Girls or Co-ed?

Is there a distinct advantage to an all-girls school?

Dear Emuna: My Son, the Wild Animal

Will my teenaged son ever learn manners?

Dear Emuna: Rescuing My Daughter

Should I help pay her out of a bind or let her suffer the consequences?

Dear Emuna: After the Divorce

I get along with my ex-husband, perhaps too well.

Dear Emuna: Second Chance Mom

I don’t like how I raised my daughter. Is there a chance for a do-over?

Dear Emuna: Parent Invasion

Help! My parents are visiting for three weeks and my life is upside down!

Dear Emuna: Former Party Animal

I have a pretty wild past and am slowly becoming observant. How do I forgive myself? Will a nice Jewish boy ever accept me?

Dear Emuna: My Husband’s Unwanted Gift

I don’t want to be a spoiled brat, but why can’t he buy me something I actually want?

Dear Emuna: Yom Kippur & Guilt

How to break the vicious cycle of not keeping resolutions.

Dear Emuna: My Husband, the Smoker

My husband started smoking again two years ago. It scares me and I hate it.

Dear Emuna: Not Married

Will my kids ever get married?

Dear Emuna: The Mother of the Groom’s Partner

The groom requests that I tell other guests that I am a family friend.

Dear Emuna: Daughter Gone Wild

How can I show my daughter love if she doesn’t want us in her new life?

Dear Emuna: Revisiting Zuckerberg’s Intermarriage

How could you simply ignore the fact that Mark Zuckerberg intermarried?

Dear Emuna: The Zuckerberg Contract

Should my fiancé and I write up a relationship contract that spells out expectations of each other?

Dear Emuna: Yearning for Closeness

Help! My husband and I have little emotional connection.

Dear Emuna: Overall Abusive

Is this a case of “take the kids and run”?

Dear Emuna: Encountering Racism

Help! I’m a black convert who is experiencing bigotry in the Jewish community.

Dear Emuna: Chutzpah!

I can’t believe how my friend is raising her teenage son.

Dear Emuna: Passover Angst

Help! My family always complains about our Seder. What should I do this year?

Dear Emuna: The Bread Winner

I resent my wife for spending money that I’ve earned.

Dear Emuna: The Miserable Host

Help! Our sponsor is driving us crazy but we can’t afford to move out!

Dear Emuna: Hateful Daughter-in-Law

Help! Our daughter-in-law hates us but wants our financial help!

Dear Emuna: Rules Vs. Spontaneity

Help! I like structure and my husband craves spontaneity!

Dear Emuna: Breaking the Abusive Pattern

Am I destined to become an abusive mother because I was abused?

Dear Emuna: Embarrassed to be Religious

Help! I've become observant, the antithesis of how I used to think.

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