Dear Emuna: The ATM Parent

Help! My teenage daughter isn't interested in having a relationship with me.

Dear Emuna: Why Daddy Left

How do I explain to my son why his father isn't coming back?

Dear Emuna: Resenting My Mother

My mother wasn't there for me growing up and I can't let go of the old feelings of abandonment.

Dear Emuna: Smothered in Love

I want the connection with my kids so badly but they keep pushing me away.

Dear Emuna: Teenage Driver

Help! My 16-year-old daughter wants to get her driver's license! Am I being too overprotective?

Dear Emuna: Harem of Admirers

He promises me exclusivity once we get engaged. Should I believe him?

Dear Emuna: Dating Doubts

I'm afraid to admit it, but I get embarrassed by my guy I'm dating.

Dear Emuna: My Husband's Porn Addiction

I feel like I have been stabbed in the heart. I can't trust him and I don't know what to do.

Dear Emuna: Where's the Romance?

One thing's for sure – it isn't at the dinner table.

Dear Emuna: The Misunderstood Wife

Why doesn't my husband understand me?

Dear Emuna: Overachiever Dad, Laidback Son

My husband is totally down on our son and it's affecting our marriage.

Dear Emuna: Intimate Matters

Help! My husband doesn't desire any physical intimacy.

Dear Emuna: Fatal Friend

The more I get pulled into my friend's serious problems, the more sick I get.

Dear Emuna: My Father, the Pedophile

Am I giving my father a lifetime punishment for something that happened almost 30 years ago?

Dear Emuna: My Needy Wife

Help! My accomplished wife wants to stay at home with the kids and is overly dependent on me.

Dear Emuna: You Can Cope

Dealing with the day-to-day stress of parenting and marriage.

Dear Emuna: My Chubby Daughter

My daughter isn't doing anything about her weight. Should I confront her?

Dear Emuna: Infertility Struggles

Everywhere I turn there are young couples with babies. I just want it to be our turn.

Dear Emuna: I Hate Cooking

Help! Am I terrible wife if I don't mind eating cereal for dinner?

Dear Emuna: My Son's Six-Pack

Help! My fitness-obsessed son is driving me crazy.

Dear Emuna: Tiger Moms & Low Maintenance Wives

My wife is needy and demanding. What happened to the independent woman I was dating?

Dear Emuna: Repairing Broken Homes

How do I get my estranged stepson to honor his father?

Dear Emuna: Bashert Seeking

I really like him but I'm looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with and he's happy with casual.

Dear Emuna: I Don't Love You Just the Way You Are

Advice for a critical husband, a grieving community and a financially struggling couple.

Dear Emuna: I Can't Forgive

I want to stop hating a group of friends who tormented me throughout high school, but I can't.

Dear Emuna: The Non-Jewish Boyfriend

Did I go too far in telling our daughter we would not attend the wedding?

Dear Emuna: Meddling Mother

Why doesn't my daughter appreciate that all I want is for her to be happy?

Dear Emuna: Abusive Husband?

I love my husband but his frequent outbursts and threats are stressing me out.

Unfriendly Daughter-in-Law

Help! I feel like I'm losing my son.

Dear Emuna: My Overweight Wife

Help! I no longer find my wife attractive.

Dear Emuna: Looking for Love

Advice for a lonely 80-year-old bachelor, a single mom who is losing her daughter, and a wife who doesn't like her husband's gifts.

Dear Emuna: Pesky Kids

Should I tell my friend that I think her son has a serious problem?

Dear Emuna: The Oblivious Husband

And the case of the burping teenager.

Dear Emuna: Losing Faith

Struggles with faith and concerns that a neighbor is harming his children.

Dear Emuna: Always Late's new advice column! Chronic latecomers, an over-reaching mother-in-law and naughty neighbors.

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