’s Top 10 of 2013

Revisiting the most popular articles and videos of the year.

Michelangelo & the Meaning of the New Year

5774 or 2014? The theological debate behind the artist’s masterpiece.

Three Days at the Bottom of the Ocean

As Hanukkah fades, keep the light of miracles in your life.

Mandela: The Global Romance

Nelson Mandela is a celebrity hero of the spirit and moral conviction.

Someone who Matters

Hanukkah and celebrity worship.

Change the Raunchy Playlist

Working out in a gym that proudly displays organic soap – and plays misogynistic music.

The $98,000 Rabbi

A Kiddush Hashem in New Haven reveals the power of living Jewishly.

Giving Up TV

Why our family doesn’t watch television.

The Great Recession

Sometimes we need to be reminded why we're given wealth.

Cruel Children

Shaking off our indifference to bullying.

Hobby Lobby’s Hanukkah Decoration Fiasco

The company inadvertently reminds us the meaning of the holiday.

The Money or the Box

I thought the answer was obvious until I faced the test.

The Navy Yard Shootings

We can’t take life for granted.

Think: Are You a Victim of the Abilene Paradox?

Bowing to social pressure versus thinking for yourself.

The Good Gene

Attaining at-onement this Yom Kippur.

9/11 in Jerusalem

Crossing the red lines of the heart.

Why Give?

Charity is not only how much we give, but how we give.

The Heroism of Antoinette Tuff

A lesson in speaking from the heart.

No Children Please

What are couples who choose not to have children missing out on?

Anthony Weiner Can Change

The Jewish month of Elul is the opportune time for change.

Meatloaf for Mourners

What to do (and not to do) after a death.

Train Crash in Spain

Sometimes our reckless behavior causes life to go off the rails.

No Shame

Elliot Spitzer, Anthony Weiner and the absence of shame.

Malala at the United Nations

Books and pens are our most powerful weapons.

Elderly & Chinese Law

For American parents it’s very often no more than a fantasy, but it’s now the law in China.

Terrorist on Rolling Stone Cover

Where is our human decency and compassion?

Tootsie & Beauty Bias

Dustin Hoffman would never have given Tootsie a second look.

Zimmerman Acquittal

It’s not easy to have the humility to say we don’t know.

Tisha B'Av & the Asiana Plane Crash

Sometimes we are blinded by the light.

Paula Deen’s Words

We all make mistakes. It’s our unwillingness to take responsibility for them that ultimately harms us.

Mental Illness: Tragic, Not Shameful

My brother-in-law was just shy of becoming a chess Grand Master when mental illness reared its ugly head.

The Blessing of Failure

If we learn from an experience, there is no such thing as failure.

We’re All Number One

Choosing more than one valedictorian distorts the value of equality.

Surveillance and Privacy

Every moment is being recorded for posterity.

Discrimination against Fat People

Our society unfairly favors the thin.

Words Hurt

Choose them carefully.

The Bottom of Your Shoes

Wear them out, making the world a better place.

LA’s Jewish Mayor

Why his election doesn’t make me burst with pride (yet).

London Horror: Eye for an Eye

The terrorist invoked the Torah’s principle “an eye for an eye” to justify his violence. He’s tragically misguided.

Oklahoma Tornado

When there are no words, there are tears.

The 10 Commandments for Our Times

Now more than ever, the world can benefit from the Decalogue’s contemporary lessons.

Rescue in Cleveland

Charles Ramsey’s past doesn’t negate the heroism he showed in rescuing Amanda Berry.

Boston Lockdown

Terrorists can’t take away our essential freedom.

Boston Aftermath

The resilience of American liberty is not about to change.

Confronting Terror in Boston

Learning from Israelis how to respond to terror.

Responding to Terror

Four ways to react to the horrific bombings in Boston.

A Tribute to Margaret Thatcher

Her proudest moment was saving an Austrian Jew.

To This Day

Confronting the effects of bullying. A collaborative video.

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