Rise of the Far Right in Europe

The far right and even neo-Nazi parties gained strength in the recent elections.

Brandeis Rescinds Hirsi Ali’s Honorary Degree

An open letter to the Brandeis faculty.

Pope Francis’s Visit to Israel

Christians and Jews face a common enemy: radical Islam.

Bring Back Our Girls

What do 276 girls kidnapped in Nigeria have to do with me?

What Was Aish.com Thinking?

Readers want to know: Why did Aish.com post Tal Fortgang’s article, “Checking My Privilege”?

Checking My Privilege

Why I don't apologize for white privilege.

The $20 Gift for a Soldier

How an 8-year-old boy transformed $20 into a priceless gift.

The Donald Sterling Affair

His words were vulgar and bigoted, but private.

Iran’s Cry for Freedom

A mother and daughter are giving a voice to 77 million Iranians being denied their freedom.

No E-Mails After 6pm

Five ways to use the momentum of Passover to break free from electronic slavery.

Touchscreen: Poetry Slam

Is technology making us less human?

Suing Parents

Children went from being our employees to our bosses, replacing responsibility with entitlement.

WhatsApp and the Joy of Adar

From penniless immigrant to billionaire, Jan Koum’s fortune captures the joy of possibility.

Electronic Heroin

An inside look at a controversial rehabilitation center in China that is “deprogramming” teenagers who are addicted to the Internet.

The Death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Addiction is a dreadful disease. As an addict, I know.

Whose Life is More Valuable?

Society considers some lives more valuable than others. Judaism disagrees.

Wealth Addiction

When a $3.6 million bonus isn’t enough.

Jonathan Pollard & America

Pollard should have been released years ago because discrimination and unfairness are anti-American ideas.

Not All Dreams Are Created Equal

Martin Luther King had a dream. Did his wife and family support it?

Apple Misunderstands

An Apple commercial equates recording life with actually living it.

New York Post’s Shameful Cover

The headline shows a frightening disregard for the value of human life.

Good Riddance Day

A new custom for removing trash from your life echoes the burning of chametz before Passover. The similarity is no accident.

Aish.com’s Top 10 of 2013

Revisiting the most popular articles and videos of the year.

Michelangelo & the Meaning of the New Year

5774 or 2014? The theological debate behind the artist’s masterpiece.

Three Days at the Bottom of the Ocean

As Hanukkah fades, keep the light of miracles in your life.

Mandela: The Global Romance

Nelson Mandela is a celebrity hero of the spirit and moral conviction.

Someone who Matters

Hanukkah and celebrity worship.

Change the Raunchy Playlist

Working out in a gym that proudly displays organic soap – and plays misogynistic music.

The $98,000 Rabbi

A Kiddush Hashem in New Haven reveals the power of living Jewishly.

Giving Up TV

Why our family doesn’t watch television.

The Great Recession

Sometimes we need to be reminded why we're given wealth.

Cruel Children

Shaking off our indifference to bullying.

Hobby Lobby’s Hanukkah Decoration Fiasco

The company inadvertently reminds us the meaning of the holiday.

The Money or the Box

I thought the answer was obvious until I faced the test.

The Navy Yard Shootings

We can’t take life for granted.

Think: Are You a Victim of the Abilene Paradox?

Bowing to social pressure versus thinking for yourself.

The Good Gene

Attaining at-onement this Yom Kippur.

9/11 in Jerusalem

Crossing the red lines of the heart.

Why Give?

Charity is not only how much we give, but how we give.

The Heroism of Antoinette Tuff

A lesson in speaking from the heart.

No Children Please

What are couples who choose not to have children missing out on?

Anthony Weiner Can Change

The Jewish month of Elul is the opportune time for change.

Meatloaf for Mourners

What to do (and not to do) after a death.

Train Crash in Spain

Sometimes our reckless behavior causes life to go off the rails.

No Shame

Elliot Spitzer, Anthony Weiner and the absence of shame.

Malala at the United Nations

Books and pens are our most powerful weapons.

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