Elderly & Chinese Law

For American parents it’s very often no more than a fantasy, but it’s now the law in China.

Terrorist on Rolling Stone Cover

Where is our human decency and compassion?

Tootsie & Beauty Bias

Dustin Hoffman would never have given Tootsie a second look.

Zimmerman Acquittal

It’s not easy to have the humility to say we don’t know.

Tisha B'Av & the Asiana Plane Crash

Sometimes we are blinded by the light.

Paula Deen’s Words

We all make mistakes. It’s our unwillingness to take responsibility for them that ultimately harms us.

Mental Illness: Tragic, Not Shameful

My brother-in-law was just shy of becoming a chess Grand Master when mental illness reared its ugly head.

The Blessing of Failure

If we learn from an experience, there is no such thing as failure.

We’re All Number One

Choosing more than one valedictorian distorts the value of equality.

Surveillance and Privacy

Every moment is being recorded for posterity.

Discrimination against Fat People

Our society unfairly favors the thin.

Words Hurt

Choose them carefully.

The Bottom of Your Shoes

Wear them out, making the world a better place.

LA’s Jewish Mayor

Why his election doesn’t make me burst with pride (yet).

London Horror: Eye for an Eye

The terrorist invoked the Torah’s principle “an eye for an eye” to justify his violence. He’s tragically misguided.

Oklahoma Tornado

When there are no words, there are tears.

The 10 Commandments for Our Times

Now more than ever, the world can benefit from the Decalogue’s contemporary lessons.

Rescue in Cleveland

Charles Ramsey’s past doesn’t negate the heroism he showed in rescuing Amanda Berry.

Boston Lockdown

Terrorists can’t take away our essential freedom.

Boston Aftermath

The resilience of American liberty is not about to change.

Confronting Terror in Boston

Learning from Israelis how to respond to terror.

Responding to Terror

Four ways to react to the horrific bombings in Boston.

A Tribute to Margaret Thatcher

Her proudest moment was saving an Austrian Jew.

To This Day

Confronting the effects of bullying. A collaborative video.

Obama’s Seder

A Passover message for the president.

Choosing a Pope

It happens in the Sistine Chapel, which was designed to be a copy of the holy Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.

Worst Birthday Ever

Justin Bieber and the search for happiness.

The New Holocaust Discoveries

With more than 42,000 ghettos and concentration camps scattered throughout Europe, almost everyone had to know what was happening.

Giving Blood, Giving Life

Seventy anonymous blood donors saved Ariel Fishman’s life.

Valentine’s Day Love

Does the word “love” still mean anything?

Why I'm Raising My Children With God

The most precious gift I can give my children.

The Forgiveness Prayer

Tools for dropping the toxic baggage.

Does God Care about the Super Bowl?

Doesn’t He have more important things to be worried about?

When Enough is Enough

Remodeling our kitchen provided an extreme makeover – in an unexpected way.

Lance Armstrong’s Morality Play

Ultimately falsehood self-destructs.

The Key to Real Success

What if you’re not the world’s best looking, smartest and richest?

Sandy Hook: A Jewish Antidote

How the Torah instills moral sensitivity and self-discipline.

Ulysses S. Grant & the Jews

When General Grant expelled the Jews.

How to Choose a Career

Judaism’s five-piece framework for finding a career that really fits.

Preventing Another Massacre

Good laws will never abolish all evil.

A Hero in Connecticut

Where did a first grade teacher get the strength to perform her extraordinary act of bravery?

The Connecticut School Shooting

Asking why in the aftermath of tragedy.

Radio Prank Gone Wrong

Kate Middleton's nurse and the unpredictable consequences of one’s actions.

Thanking the Invisible Hand

Thanksgiving weekend is made possible by a vast number of strangers. Don’t take it for granted.

General Petraeus & Us

It’s no wonder Judaism forbids a man from being alone with a woman who is not his wife.


Left-right, blue-red, rich-poor. With the U.S. elections over, how can the healing begin?

Delta Flight 15

An amazing, true story about a plane that was forced to land in Newfoundland on 9/11.

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