9/11: Forgive and Forget?

We are not the ones who have the right to make that decision.

Controlling Irene

Lessons learned from the super-storm.

London Burning

What does it take to realize that the world is my responsibility?

Norway's Bigotry

Is terrorism against Israel really more justified than terrorism against Norway?

Norway, I Cry for You

An Arab woman from Qatar taught me how to mourn the Norwegian children.

David Beckham's Baby Girl

The Beckhams gave birth to their fourth child. Are they bad role models?

The Casey Anthony Verdict

The standard is proof beyond a reasonable doubt, even if it's 'likely' or 'probable' that she committed murder.

Circumcision in the 21st Century

Judaism is not a market driven religion.

Library of the Future

In the digital age, the library is becoming a graveyard. That may not be a bad thing.

Despicable Men

What drives the rich and famous over the edge?

Hero or Executioner?

How would Jewish law view the controversial case of Jerome Ersland?

Christianity's Rise in China

China realizes what the West is rapidly forgetting: a civilization is as strong as its faith.

A Ban on Circumcision?

The San Francisco initiative is an assault on Jewish religious liberty.

Guys and Modesty

The Jewish concept of modesty applies to men as much as it does to women.

Manhood and the Great Recession

How we respond to the economic downturn makes a profound impact on our children.

Israel's Moral Army

An eye-opening interview with the man who helps set the IDF’s ethical parameters.

The Day Osama Died

Does Bin Laden's death bring a sense of closure? It better not.

When Evil Falls

Is it proper to celebrate Osama Bin Laden's death?

The Royal Wedding

Respect for royalty is a training ground for worship of the Almighty.

Losing Weight after Passover

The key steps to lose those extra pounds gained over the holiday.

Making the Impossible Possible

A 5-year-old girl was missing. How could I just go back to sleep?

My Non-Jewish Boyfriend

If I was never going to intermarry, why was I seriously dating a non-Jewish, bona fide heartthrob?

Japan's Black Swan

What could go wrong? The significance of unexpected events in history.

Caring for the Uncared

Narayanan Krishnan has brought more than 1.2 million hot meals to India's homeless. Is he unique?

Time of Death

You never know when could be the last time.

Egypt, Ishmael & the Fight for Self-Respect

Solving the Palestinian-Israel conflict isn't the lynch pin. Dignity is.

Egypt, Again

How the country's turmoil resonates with a striking biblical parallel.

My Escape from Child Abuse

Setting boundaries with abusive (or difficult) parents.

The New Age

Turning 50, am I over the hill?

Tucson: Voices of Patience and Wisdom

When a tragedy like the one in Tucson strikes, most of us would do well to keep silence.

My Big Issue

When food took over my life, I eventually weighed up to the matter.

The Shooting of Gabrielle Giffords

Judaism's timeless formula for moments like this.

The Facebook Challenge

How to use Facebook to build rather than destroy.

Losing the Customer

If only we'd make all our decisions looking at the long term.

Is Criminalizing Holocaust Denial Wise?

Such statutes create a dangerous precedent to outlaw other discussions as beyond the pale.

The Mark Madoff Tragedy

Do the sins of the fathers get transmitted to the children?

The Islamophobia Myth

For Jews and Muslims tension and hostility are the exception. America's exemplary tolerance is the rule.


Does the fact that something is true always justify its being made public?

The Cheerio King

As an internist, I often see stress and anxiety masquerade as physical ailments. What is happening to our freedom?


I contacted the scammer in Nigeria who stole my email account and he actually replied.

Halo: Reach?

Do violent video games have a detrimental effect on our psyche?

Miner Miracle

Confronting the struggle between this world and the next.

Emerging from the Mine

Appreciating the surge of joy at Camp Hope.

The Geert Wilders Trial

You may not agree with his politics, but his trial will be a watershed for European democracy.

The Star of David and the Mosque

It's no accident that the NYC mosque is covered with the Jewish symbol.

The Donor

My spare kidney provided an incredible life experience.

We Are All Miners

The Chile mine saga and a message for the High Holidays.

Counterpoint: Do Not Build the Mosque

It would be a sacrilege to build the proposed mosque at Ground Zero.

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