Eliot Spitzer's Downfall

Before we engage in schadenfreude, let's be sure our own behavior and character could withstand the scrutiny.

I Am No Nazi

The remarkable discovery of Friedrich Kellner's World War II diary.

Get a Life

No day should go by without living life, at least for a brief while.


A college campus psychiatrist tells students everything they really need to know about intimacy.

V is for Victim

Victimization is becoming the greatest defense strategy known to mankind.

The Visitor

The stranger in our home.

When the Berlin Wall Came Tumbling Down

On November 9th, history was made.

Burning Questions

What would you do if you had 10 minutes to get out of your home, not knowing whether it will still be there tomorrow?

The Value of Chasya's Life

Pressured by doctors to stop her young daughter's life-support, a mother searches to understand the value of human life.

Do You Mind if I Ask

Through the years of coping with my son's illness, I've encountered the best in people, and the worst.

My Costco Angel

The manager made a red X on my receipt and took my carts away.

Witness at Darfur

Brian Steidle's experiences in Darfur propelled him to become one of the foremost activists trying to focus the world's attention on the ongoing genocide.

My Life List

Things to do while you're alive.

Selling Your Soul

Do we each have our price?

Challenging the UN's Darker Side

With Durban II now in the works, the UN secretary general can choose to speak truth to power now.

The Blow-Out

Don't let life's little aches become a thorn in your side.

Truth and the Armenian Genocide

Genocide denial must be intolerable, above all to those for whom "never again" is a sacred principle.

Making Room for Moderates

The vicissitudes of genuine Muslim moderates.

Lost & Found

If I don't give up hope of finding something, it still belongs to me.

"Flying Imams" and Reichstags

"If you see something, say something." Prudent action or racist fear-mongering?

Quo Vadis Vatican?

Reviving the Latin mass without first eliminating the anti-Jewish language gives tacit encouragement to those who wish to return to the demonization of Jews.

Avoiding the M-Word

Denial is a luxury we cannot afford.

Just Ask

Great discoveries often begin with a question.

The Naked Truth

Is photographer Spencer Tunick serving the advancement of society?

A Beggar and a Man

I've carried an idea of him in my mind. Who, for him, was the young girl with scorn in her eyes?

Now I am the Patient

It will only take one person to save my life. Could it be you?

Hero at Virginia Tech

Professor Liviu Librescu, a Holocaust survivor, was shot as he shielded the classroom door so his students could safely escape.

Goering and My Grandmother

Leading a secret life as a Jewish resistance fighter, you just never know who you're going to meet.


Paving the way for our children with developmental disabilities.

Hostile to Israel

Jewish intellectuals -- then and now.

The Freedom to Shut Up

Not all criticism is created equal.

I'll Do It Tomorrow

It took more than ten years to find those ten minutes.

Meltdown in Darfur

What happened to 'Never Again'?

Ex-President For Sale

Carter is making more money selling integrity than peanuts.

Burning Issue

Israel's first crematorium opens for business. What would Moses say?

The Straightforward Arithmetic of Jihad

The extent of support for global jihad is frightening in its proportions, and the numbers are anything but insignificant.

Jimmy Carter's Jewish Problem

Carter has repeatedly fallen back on traditional anti-Semitic canards.


Gordon Gekko is alive and well. Meet his rival.

A Time to Hate

Would we really wish to live in a society in which no one gets angry when children are slaughtered?

How the West Could Lose

Pacifism, self-hatred and complacency are lengthening the war against radical Islam and causing undue casualties.

Indict Ahmadinejad

Iran's intentions are nakedly, malignantly clear. What is not clear at all is what the civilized world will do about it

Confronting Iran

The UN must expel Ahmadinejad's murderous regime, says one of the world's leading moral voices.

A Tale of Two Circuses

One circus warmed our imaginations, the other left us cold with disgust.

Gabbing About Goodness

How to change the world with your tongue.

Mel's Teshuva, and Ours

Owning up to our mistakes, without the excuses.

The Missing Muslim Outcry

The real insult to Islam is the violence, terror, and bloodshed that Islamist fanatics unleash in the name of their religion


When it comes to children, there's no such thing as gone.

9/11 Heroes and Memories

Finding solace for those left behind.

England's Cognitive Dissonance

Britons have finally awakened to the fact that they have a serious problem in their midst.

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