The Passion: The Movie and the Aftermath

Perhaps our best response to this Hollywood missionary effort is to look inward and take pride in the beauty of our own faith.

Mel Gibson and the Jews

His latest lethal weapon? Mel's film promises spiritual inspiration but instead evokes the kind of rage that for centuries past resulted in ruthless acts of retribution.

Never Again?

Gas chambers. Poisoned food. Torture. Families murdered en masse. How much more do we need to know about North Korea's crimes before we act to stop them?

Life Itself

In the Netherlands emotional pain is sufficient legal justification to assist in one's suicide. What is happening to the immeasurable value in human life?


The Jews always honored their heroes, biblical or otherwise, without forgetting that they were human beings and subject to mistakes and failures.

A Picture of Life

The present has become an elaborate excuse to take a picture for the future.

How Could She Do that to Me?!

Why do we take things so personally?

If There's Anything I Can Do

Practical ideas on how to help those who have suffered loss.

Justice and Saddam Hussein

There will be no justice for Iraq's former ruler.

A Tale of Two Crypts

Jawad Amir Sayyid's story makes a powerful symbolic counterpoint to Saddam Hussein's capture.

Let's Do Lunch!

"How are you?" "I'll give you a call!" and other words we use to create the illusion of caring.

Caught in the Middle

Pulled between responsibilities towards one's children and one's aging parents, "the sandwich generation" have their own unique dilemmas.

Baseless Hatred

When it comes to finding the negative qualities in others, our imagination becomes a veritable fountain of ideas. But finding the good in others takes so much thought and effort.

It's Already Broken

If having possessions means living in fear and loss, we are not richer for them.

Inside the Tower

A rescue worker looks back to that fateful day.


Making light out of a very dark night.

Twice Burned

Although domestic abuse is totally abhorrent to Judaism, the Jewish community is not completely immune to it.

Confessions of a Television-a-holic

I have decided to go without television for an entire week. And believe me, this is a big deal.

Judaism and Vegetarianism

Where's the beef? Examining the pros and cons.

Bar Mitzvah Motivators

The concept of "bar mitzvah" has drifted incredibly far from its true meaning in these materialistic times.

The Truth About Jonathan Pollard

Pollard's life sentence is based on a humongous Washington whopper of a lie.

A Tribute to Senator Moynihan

Remembering a great friend of the Jewish people.

Dissolve the United Nations

The civilized world would be better off were the United Nations in its present form to disappear.

Universalism: Can Loving More Mean Loving Less?

The opposite of Universalism is community, not sectarianism.

Holiday From History

Will the civilized world disarm the barbarians who could cause the ultimate destruction?

Life, Death, and Purpose

A former athlete insists that the most wonderful thing that ever happened to him was the swimming accident that left him a quadriplegic.

The UN's Moral Irrelevance

The choice of one of the world's most repressive tyrannies to head the UN's main human rights body was a textbook illustration of the way the UN works.

The Truth about Television

What they don't want you to know about television and videos.

Trent Lott's Moment

Each word and action is brimming with power. The trick is aiming in the right direction.

The Spy Who's Locked Into the Cold

It's time to release Jonathan Pollard.

Shaking Hands with the Opposite Gender

The ethicist of the NY Times gets it wrong.

The Snipers: Crazy or Jihadis?

The jihad element cannot be so readily dismissed.

Jimmy Carter's Ignoble Prize

A smug little group of Norwegian politicians continues to show disturbingly bad judgment in choosing the Nobel Peace Prize recipients.

A War Against What?

Only when "war on terrorism" becomes "war on militant Islam" can the war actually be won.

WORLD PERFECT: The Jewish Impact on Civilization

Where did the values and principles of the modern world come from?

Against Moral Confusion

In the war against terror, our moral clarity is as indispensable as our Special Forces and our F-16s. Let us resolve not to lose it.

Condemning the Terrorists

September 11th and the danger of moral relativism.

Elbowing God Out

The ruling barring "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance shares a similar hubris that contributed to the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem.

The Land of Hope and Dreams

After September 11th, I decided to become an American citizen. Here's why.

Looking at the Horror

Revisiting a painful and, alas, timely issue: Should people watch the gruesome video of Daniel Pearl's brutal murder?

State's Terror Untruths

This year's report on "Patterns of Global Terrorism" veers into unreliability and even falsehood. It's a dangerous document likely to harm the war on terrorism.

The TV Fix

Turn off the tube, turn on your mind.

Anti-Semitic Awakening

Why does such vile enmity wrack Europe, while America not only remains free of it but persists in standing by Israel in the present clash with the Palestinians?

The Root Cause of Terrorism

It's not the deprivation of rights; it's totalitarianism.

Bethlehem: Where is the Outrage?

Palestinian gunmen occupy the Church of the Nativity, as Israeli troops keep watch outside. Who's crossed the line?

Truth under Siege

During the Holocaust, the world watched silently. Will things be any different this time?


If the quality of integrity is absent in the person, how can it be present in his or her ideas?

The Virtues of Intolerance

The form of tolerance that pretends there is no such thing as evil is itself wrong.

World Repairs

Trying to eliminate pain and poverty is a daunting task. Do we stand a chance?

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