The Virtues of Intolerance

The form of tolerance that pretends there is no such thing as evil is itself wrong.

World Repairs

Trying to eliminate pain and poverty is a daunting task. Do we stand a chance?

The Innocent Bystander_

What gives a nation the right to defend itself -- if innocent civilians will be killed?

Living With Fear

Ten years ago I asked a group of friends, "What is fear?" Their answers were strangely prophetic.

The Unbroken American Spirit

A salute to generations of heroism and sacrifice.

The First Thanksgiving Proclamation

The words of the first president continue to deliver a poignant message for today.

Defining and Defeating Terror

The founder of Aish HaTorah lays out a 3-point plan to restore sanity and defeat the evil scourge.

Devaluing the Prize

This was not the year to recognize the United Nations and its secretary-general for their roles in "achieving peace and security in the world."

Turning 30

As one young man leaves his 20s behind, idealism gives way to practicality. Almost.

How To Win The War Against Terrorism

The former Israeli prime minister outlines the critical steps needed to eradicate the threat of terrorism. What's at stake is nothing less than the survival of Western civilization.

Evacuation: D.C.

The chronology of a chaotic day, working down the street from the White House, and living near the Pentagon.

One Man's Escape

The following is my eyewitness account of the events of September 11, 2001 from the 73rd floor of 2 WTC, better known as the South Tower.

The Madness

In the wake of 9-11, we search for understanding amidst the senseless horror.

Nothing Will Ever Be The Same

A New Yorker recounts the terror and her test of faith.

The Human Core

Lessons from the Andrea Yates killings.

No Respect!

Scandals, no-fault divorce, "reality TV". What is happening to our value of respect?

The Value of Life

Would you be willing to murder one innocent person if it would guarantee the cure for cancer? What if that one innocent person were ninety years old?

Confessions of a Reject

Every aspect of our lives is a breeding ground for potential rejection. We better find ways to deal with it.

Just Listen, Will Ya?

This Passover, let's reclaim the lost art of listening.

Cheeseburger Island

Facing a challenge is a noble endeavor. Putting yourself in a dangerous situation may be stupid.

Media Critique: Time's "Fields of Fire"

In an article bad enough to cancel your subscription over, Time magazine implicates Israel in the deaths of Palestinian children.

Objectivity and the Media: Critique #4 - The News From London

BBC and the London Times consistently distort the facts to portray Israel as the aggressor.

When Media Becomes Malignant

There's another battle taking place in Israel. This one is being led by the media.

All the Rage

Murder out of rage is not primarily a moral problem. It is an extreme reaction of an individual who just realized he is not in charge of his world.

The Lieberman Legacy

Joseph Lieberman observes Shabbat and eats kosher. Is that good for the Jews?

My So-Called Mid-Life Crisis

I thought I was immune. What happens when a happily married woman hits a mid-life crisis?

The Jewish Physique

You mean abs aren't for washing clothes? A guy endures emasculating aerobics teachers and tortuous exercise devices to discover he needs his scale to read "balanced".

Are First Grade Kids Killers

The tragedy of a first grader killing his classmate should not cloud our vision of the greater picture which is always getting better.

Selling Model's Eggs

Selling models' reproductive services reveals a society that idolizes superficiality and externality at the expense of depth, meaning and inner quality.

The Pokeman Craze

Pokemon cards will soon be as passé as Cabbage Patch Kids but Jewish values are like a strand of pearls: classy, precious and timeless.

The Burning of Woodstock

Woodstock '99 lost the idealism of the original and kept the hedonism. A purposeful focus is the difference between warming the world and burning it.

Why 2K?

Worried about the Year 2K problem? Relax. The Jewish people already solved that 3,760 years ago.

When Children Kill Children

The Colorado high school shootings show a shocked society a reflection of itself.

Of Movement, Maccabees and Millennia

A millennium countdown clock sits ticking away at my desk.

Shortcut To Disaster

Never has single a numeral surrounded by two letters, struck so much terror in the hearts and minds of humankind. Companies have spent billions to fix the Y2K bug and government billions more.

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