Visitors to, a high-end residential real estate brokerage, will be surprised by what they discover. The home page makes no mention of “location, location, location”. Nor does it discuss updated kitchens, ocean views or wine cellars. Instead there is a beautiful poolside emblazed with the quote: “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

Scrolling down, the alert viewer will notice two important statistics:

  1. For every home sold, the company donates 10% to one of five designated charities.
  2. Since 2014, they have given close to $600,000 to charity.

Not your typical brokerage. In fact this business model is the brainchild of Anthony Marguleas, the Principal and Founder of Amalfi Estates. His ultimate goal is to use this platform as a model for the one million licensed real estate agents across the country. And he doesn’t want to stop there. Mr. Marguleas would like to see mortgage brokers, insurance agents and other commission-based professionals also commit to the 10 % donation.

Anthony Marguleas thinks big; he has broad and expansive ideas about how to give and how to encourage others to do the same.

Anthony Marguleas

Where did this passion originate? Anthony comes from a family for whom giving was second nature, a family committed to Israel and the Jewish people. His grandfather served on the boards of many non-profits including American Friends of Hebrew University and American Friends of Ben-Gurion University, and was also an innovative entrepreneur. He brought the concept of drip irrigation from Israel to the United States (something we here in southern California are very grateful for) and, on a more whimsical but no less relevant note, is responsible for the creation of the seedless watermelon!

Both of Mr. Marguleas’ parents were also involved in their community and in giving back. His father was one of the founding members and on the board of directors of the American Cancer Society Foundation. He was also involved with the State of Israel bonds, Jewish Federation; the list goes on and on. His mother made her own contributions, including working for the Eisenhower Medical Center, the Palm Springs Art Museum and chairing 11 dinners for the ADL.

It seems this apple truly did not fall far from the tree. Anthony Marguleas told that he believes he is here on earth to make a difference, that he has a responsibility to help others. And he’s committed to working to encourage others to share his passion. He strongly believes in the Jewish value that life is all about helping others, not collecting material possessions

Does this practice help his business, both in terms of clients and in terms of getting other agents to join his office? Mr. Marguleas answers a resounding yes, because people want to work with other people who really care, people who want to do what’s right.

Initially, the 10% donation could be made to the charity of the client’s choice but in order to streamline donations – and make a potentially bigger impact – Amalfi Estates has chosen five organizations to benefit from their largesse. Clients can choose from the Make a Wish Foundation, the American Cancer Society, the SPCA, Homeboy Industries (which helps former gang members and convicts re-enter society and become productive, contributing members) and PATH (which works to end homelessness). There is quite literally something for everyone.

But the agents at Amalfi Estates don’t stop there. They have rented out Soul Cycle for a fundraising event. They have blood drives and beach clean-up days and times when they deliver meals to shut-ins. And a few weeks ago they worked with PATH to find furniture and help move a homeless veteran into more stable and permanent housing.

Their goal is to give $500,000 per year and they are throwing down the gauntlet to challenge other agents to do the same. Mr. Marguleas is willing to travel across the country to spread his message of giving and to teach how your firm could be more productive and make a difference at the same time.

In Jewish understanding the more you give, the more you care. This firm not only sells homes, it truly cares about its community. Now if only I was in the market for a home in the Palisades…