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I believe, thank God, for 20 years we've been extremely successful. Millions of people have been inspired by and have taken their next steps in their Jewish journey. For some that means learning more about their heritage, for others it means lighting Shabbat candles, going to shul, or observing Jewish holidays. Some have even moved their entire family to Israel... all because of their interactions on

A few days ago we hosted our first Tisha B'Av program. It featured Aish senior lecturer Rabbi Motty Berger and students from Aish Jerusalem live from the roof of Aish HaTorah, and recorded classes with teachers Rabbi Blech, Rav Gav, Sara Yoheved Rigler, Slovie Jungreis Wolff and more – the program was a huge success.

Conceived and directed by's own Executive Director, Rabbi Jack Kalla, over 25,000 people accessed the program.

The world is such a confusing place and Covid-19 is making it more confusing. Social distancing, masks, Zoom learning – we're living in a new reality.

The world needs's innovation and insights more than ever. And we need your support more than ever to continue providing it.

Until Monday night every donation you make to our $720,000 Corona Emergency Campaign will be matched. We must reach this goal to continue providing you with the quality Jewish content you need and expect.

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Rabbi Nechemia Coopersmith,
Editor in chief,