Curiosity Changes the World

How simple ideas lead to scientific discoveries.

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(4) Ros Dimenstein, January 15, 2020 6:43 AM

25,000 miles is circumference, not radius, of Earth.

Great talk! The diagram shows the circumference but the speaker says radius as he names the distance of 25,000 miles. (Radius is about 4,000 miles.)

(3) JLong, May 1, 2012 5:22 PM

An Atheist on Aish?

I enjoy Mythbusters and his Ted talk is not without merit but I have to wonder why this site is devoting space to an avowed atheist.

richard, August 5, 2012 2:48 PM

I agree with JLong's observation.

Yes, indeed an interesting and convincing presentation. If Ted is allowed to continue he would certainly use his logical brain to attempt to disprove the essence of belief in the absolute truth of G-d. This is because, like all philosophers he is a human being who has to prove to himself that everything worth knowing holds true only as long as it can be physically proven. When belief comes into the picture they know it will affect their lives and oblige them to conduct themselves differently, therefore they will stop at nothing to "disprove" such life-changing obligations such as, for example, avoiding euthanasia, performing brit mila, keeping kashrut, not to mention the idea of prayer to The Almighty Himself. Yes, he is a clever man but he has no wisdom. Why do atheists follow such a path? Not that deep down do they not believe. A seriously thinking person will conclude that all that exists cannot have happened by chance, but admitting that truth will make life very hard for them as they cannot then pursue their desires and lusts. King David summarises it in Psalms Chapter 14 where he says: The degenerate one says in his heart "there is no G-d". He makes such a declaration to himself by virtue of the very fact that he is inwardly degenerate and must find a way to licence himself the freedom to follow a lifestyle restricted only by the disciplines that he agrees to for social and convenience reasons. Yes, if Aish gives Ted a platform, it MUST be followed up with someone like Rabbi Salomon to put his talk into the correct perspective. I hope you are all listening at Aish !!!

(2) Anonymous, May 1, 2012 4:35 PM

Thank you for the captions;I'm using no-sound computer.

Thank you for the captions. I use a nursing home public access computer that doesn't have sound. I enjoyed the video very much, especially since I could "hear" it in my brain..

(1) Dorit Caruso, May 1, 2012 3:12 PM

Curiosity: a Gfit from God

As Ted was exploring the benefits of curiosity, and how a simple question can lead some people on an endless search that benefits many. I'm struck with the reality, that in todays world of pysch-labels, these innovators would be called "autistic"...I say, they are simply gifts from labels needed. Just Thank Hashem


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