Neither of us has any party political affiliation but we are proud to be British Jews. A year ago Judith became the driving force behind short documentary Whitewashed: Anti-Semitism in Labour. She unearthed and published previously unseen submissions to 2016’s Chakrabarti Inquiry and, in collaboration with David Hirsh and J-TV, made an explosive documentary which explains and exposes Labour’s anti-Semitism. 

We believe in a British democracy whereby all mainstream parties act in harmony with the UK’s traditional moderation and tolerance to all. This is threatened by Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party.

1. Israel and Jeremy Corbyn’s view of the world

Corbyn’s friends include Hamas and Hezbollah, plus the regime in Iran (all dedicated to the destruction of Israel), as well as the IRA, and the failed regimes in Cuba and Venezuela. He is a life-long supporter of the Soviet Union with no criticism for the horrors perpetrated under Stalin and Khrushchev including their murderous persecution of the Jews.

He rails against the so called colonial imperialist USA and Israel and despises much of British and European history. He and his supporters view Jewish people in the UK through the distorted prism of hatred for Israel thus encouraging vile antisemitism often justified as anti-Zionism. Corbyn would prefer that Israel cease to exist as a viable state.

2. Corbyn – the Good Jews and Bad Jews

Jeremy Corbyn and his acolytes only embrace Jews who are anti-Zionist. As a calculated insult to the overwhelming majority of British Jews he attended the Jewdas Seder (Jewdas is an anti-Zionist, anti-capitalist, Jewish movement). Perhaps he forgot that the traditional Seder concludes with the pledge, part of the very essence of Judaism and its historical biblical link to Israel, “Next year in Jerusalem”.

He legitimises the tiny fringe anti-Zionist group, Jewish Voice for Labour. The IHRA definition of anti-Semitism has been butchered so that it is no longer anti-Semitic for Labour members to:

  • draw comparison with Israel and Nazis
  • accuse Jews of dual loyalty
  • call Israel a racist endeavour.

This legitimises anti-Semitic discourse.

3. Revelations of anti-Semitism

Barely a day goes by without new revelations of Labour antisemitism. There have been thousands of unmoderated anti-Semitic posts in Labour supporting facebook groups such as Palestine Live, JC4PM and Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party Forum. Look at the vile comments under the link to the Whitewashed film.

Labour under Corbyn rarely takes action against the perpetrators. By contrast Labour instantly attacks those who call out anti-Semitism and the leadership’s apparent collusion.

4. The Labour Party and Israel

Historically there has been a close link between the Jews, the Labour Party and the Israeli labour movement. Labour under Corbyn has shattered this. The overwhelming majority of British Jews believe that Israel has the right to exist within secure borders. They also believe in a fair and just settlement for the Palestinian people. And peace. Under Corbyn, Labour only seems to engage with the Palestinian viewpoint.

5. The legitimisation of hatred against the Jews

British Jewry is one of the most law-abiding and loyal communities in the UK. As Lord Bragg recently commented, we have made huge contributions to the arts, universities, philanthropy, commerce and public debate. Corbyn has stood aside whilst his supporters have demonised Jews who support Israel with anti-Semitic tropes straight from the Nazi and Marxist handbooks.

Increasing numbers of Jews feel that if Corbyn became Prime Minister, the UK would no longer be a safe place for them. A Labour government lead by Corbyn would be disastrous for UK Jewry and for the entire United Kingdom.