Knock, knock... It's your computer

Yeah, your computer. You're not dreaming!

I have something to tell you.

Remember way back when how you convinced your boss/spouse/parent to buy me? You promised them that you need me in order to be more productive, right?

You sold them on the scenario that if you could just have me you could make more sales and bring in more clients or you could finally reconcile your bank statement or you could do more research for your college paper in order to get a better grade.

Well what happened? Where's all the productivity and research you were supposed to do?

I know; it's always the same routine.

9AM rolls around and you start off by checking email. Then you scan the news.

At some point you check out the latest video clip being passed around on, or perhaps you're chatting away with your friends on Facebook.

Sometimes you see a flashy advertisement and click on it out of curiosity and...well, next thing you know, you're taking me somewhere you probably know we shouldn't be.

Let's face it, you spend more time on me than you should. And it's not all for wholesome and pure things. You know what I mean…

Too late, don't bother erasing your favorites/history trails in your browser so no one else knows about this. Because I already know it. And He knows it too!

Who is He?

I'm talking about Big Bro in the Sky; I'm talking about Super Admin; I'm talking about the Almighty Himself!


He has a log of every single site you've been to, and you can't hack His computer to erase it.


He has a log of every single site you've been to, and you can't hack His computer to erase it.

Heavy, isn't it?

But it ain't over.

In just a few days it'll be Yom Kippur, and you'll be praying to the Super Almighty up in heaven for forgiveness, erasing the slate and generally trying to clean up your act.

In order to tip the scale in your favor, maybe you should try to take on a new resolution. After all, you gotta show that you're serious. God knows when it's just lip service. And I have just the resolution that's good for me and you.

Relax -- I'm not going to tell you to do something impossible like turn me off and chuck me out the window.

I'm just suggesting this: Before you sit down to surf, take a moment to stop and think. Make a list of what you need to accomplish on the computer (hey, that's me) for the current session and don't visit any site that deviates from your Internet Mission Statement.

There, that wasn't so bad, was it?

I know, sometimes it'll work and others times it won't, but why not give it a try. I think you'll be very surprised by what you discover.

Ok, I'm getting tired and I'm gonna go into hibernate mode. Wake me up if you need me. Shana tova.

Using the comment section below, tell me what internet usage management solution works for you so we all can benefit from it.