Age of the Universe: One Approach

Is the universe 13.8 billion years old or 5,779 years old?

Did Life Start by Accident? The Missing Pieces

Was the Universe continually creating massive numbers of random combinations of atoms until it generated life?

11 Surprising Facts about Rain

Things to know while praying for rain.

4 Core Jewish Values at the End of Life

Guiding our health care decisions according to Jewish law.


Angel of mercy or angel of death? A cautionary tale.

Creation: A Convergence of Torah and Science

Once unthinkable, the accounts of creation by Torah and science are converging.

Death with Dignity?

As a doctor and as a Jew, I am against physician-assisted suicide.

Biblical Archeology: Bringing the Bible to Life

Independent sources confirm many of the major and minor characters of the Bible.

Stephen Hawking and the Golem

A cautionary tale about artificial intelligence.

Brain Scams

The latest neuro-nonsense is part of a larger drive towards reductionism in science.

Echoes of the Big Bang

The recent discovery of primordial gravitational waves supports the Torah’s account of creation, and may shed light on the age of the universe enigma.

Genetic Screening for Breast Cancer Genes

Angelina Jolie's decision: weighing the pros and cons.

The Great Ocean of Truth

Despite the staggering discoveries made by science, the universe is still shrouded in awesome mystery.

Is Anybody There?

New studies demonstrate how people thought to be in an irreversible “vegetative” state showed signs of full consciousness.

The Magic Eye

Sometime we need to learn how to see.

The Moon Over Mexico

A trip into the unknown, courtesy of Dr. Knight.

Will Your Cell Phone Kill You?

A Jewish approach to risk evaluation.

Stephen Hawking & God

Is God needed to create the universe?

The Natural Order

Approaching the boundaries of nature with trepidation.

Someone's There

Patients thought to be in a vegetative state were demonstrated to be hearing and thinking.

The Origins of Life

One reason why I know there is a God active in our world.

8 Tips for Getting Fit

How to keep your resolution to get fit and healthy.

It's Your Universe

Our planet is truly a miracle.

Lose It!

How to lose weight and keep it off.

Live Organ Donation

Does Jewish law permit donating a kidney? What about selling one?

The Alphabet of Life

DNA is one of the most powerful clues we have of the existence of a spiritual reality.

Swine Flu Ethics

A Jewish response to the potential swine flu pandemic.

Life by Accident

The odds of random life are so improbable, believing it requires a gigantic leap of faith.

Is Stem Cell Research Ethical?

Is the destruction of preexisting pre-embryos permitted for stem cell research?

Galactic Torah

Talmudic wisdom is no "puff of start dust."

Why Clouds?

Mystical lessons within the clouds.

Egyptology in the Torah: Biblical Archeology

Contrary to popular Egyptologist belief, the Torah does contain numerous hints of contemporary life in ancient Egypt.

Saving Mr. Golubchuk

This was no replay of the infamous Terry Schiavo case. Everyone knew the patient wanted to live. Yet the hospital viewed those wishes as irrelevant.

Biblical Archeology: Prophet and the Earthquake

The historicity of Balaam, the non-Jewish prophet.

"Virtually Brain Dead"

When is a person no longer considered alive?

Did Hebron Disappear?

Despite the overwhelming evidence, why do some archeologists claim that Hebron was uninhabited during the times of Moses and Joshua?

Circumcision and the Eighth Day

Why should circumcision be the sign of the covenant between the Jews and God?

Brazen New World

Ending a human life is not a medical decision, it's a moral one.

The Fly

Why did God create the lowly, pesky fly?

Should We Tell Grandpa?

Telling a sick person of a death.

An Atheist Turns

Unable to disprove the message, The NY Times tries to discredit the messenger.

A Lesson of Love

Long live the lichen!

Sanctity of the Human Body

Do we own our bodies, or are they only on loan?

Not a Doctor's Decision

An assault on the concept of the sanctity of life.

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