Partial - Birth "Abortion"

Do you know what act the law is addressing?

The Wonder of Thunder

What's the deeper meaning behind the creation of a loud smack right in the middle of a heavy rainstorm?

Judaism and Cosmetic Surgery

A comprehensive overview on plastic surgery in Jewish law.

Killing Me Softly

Has the sanctity of human life become passe?

Charlie Darwin's Angels

Who says the theory of evolution is scientific?

Evolution: Rationality vs. Randomness

An M.I.T. trained scientist takes a look at Darwin, the fossil record, and the likelihood of random evolution.

A Timeless Argument about Creation

Eighty years ago, the thought controllers wanted no Darwin; today's thought controllers want only Darwin.

Age of the Universe

How old is the world? Ancient commentators propose that the world may be simultaneously young and old.

Should Terri Schiavo Live or Die?

It is a denial of the Jewish ideal of the fundamental value of life that drives the forces that wish to remove Terri Schiavo's feeding tube.

The Branding of a Heretic

Are religious scientists unwelcome at the Smithsonian?

Judaism and Modern Technology

From cloned sheep to implantable chips in human beings, are we moving too fast through uncharted territory?

The Circle of Life

An ancient text reveals how everything in the natural world is a tapestry of spiritual lessons for life.

Why Medical Ethics?

The scientific community, and the medical community in particular, have been the impetus for some of the most barbaric and immoral programs of the 20th century.

Multifetal Pregnancy Reduction In Jewish Law

Is it permissible to abort some of the fetuses so that the others stand a reasonable chance of living?

Dangerous Surgery to Save a Life

Considering the tremendous value Judaism places on every moment of life, does Jewish law permit one to undergo surgery that carries a very high risk of death?

Doctor Knows Best?

Does Judaism grant patient autonomy in medical decision-making?

The Ethics of Genetic Screening

A Jewish perspective on issues related to screening for Tay-Sachs disease.

The Terri Schiavo Case: Related Ethical Dilemmas

Jewish perspectives on living wills and issues regarding nutrition and hydration in the terminally ill patient.

Abraham's Chromosomes?

In search of the historical Abraham.

SARS and Self-Endangerment to Save Others

To what extent must physicians risk their own lives to treat their patients?

Judaism's Mind-Body Connection

Why are so many hospitals named after Mount Sinai?

Hooked on a Cruel Sport

Finding gratification in the suffering of another isn't sport. It's sadism.

The Ethics of Smallpox Immunization

A Jewish perspective on the controversial issues surrounding immunization.

The Mysteries of Snow and Lightning

Ever wonder how perennials survive the winter and what the secret purpose of lightning is?

The 'James' Ossuary Inscription

The ossuary was genuine, but the inscription was faked.

Biosphere: Recreating the World

Biosphere was meant to figuratively take control of the Universe from God. Apparently God had other plans.

In The Beginning

What are the theological implications of modern cosmology?

Killing Mercy

An ailing academic reflects on euthanasia.

Rationing Health Care

How should society balance long-term medical research, versus more immediate needs?

Reminded By Science

Recent developments in cloning and stem cell research remind us of a divine scientist.

Archaeology and the Bible - Part 2

Is there archaeological evidence that supports the Bible?

Archaeology and the Exodus

One rabbi asserts that the Exodus never happened. What role does archaeology play in verifying Biblical events?

The Anthropic Principle

Scientists call it the "Goldilocks" story. Alone among planets, earth supports human life, because it is "not too hot and not too cold, not too hard and not too soft, but just right".

Judaism and the Human Genome Project

Now that we have the "genetic operating manual" for homo sapiens, where will it take us?

Jewish Genes

There is now new and exciting DNA evidence for common Jewish origin -- not just among Cohanim, the Priestly Class, but among Jews scattered all over the globe.

The Big Bang and the Big Question: A Universe without God?

The history of scientific search for the origins of the Universe gives us permission to believe in God.

The Fine Tuning of the Universe

An amazing array of scientists are bewildered by the design of the universe and admit a possibility of a designer.

Not By Chance: Shattering the Modern Theory of Evolution

A physicist brings a novel approach that challenges the assumptions of evolution.

The Cohanim - DNA Connection

The fascinating story of how DNA studies confirm an ancient biblical tradition.

Solar Eclipse

The startling event of a solar eclipse.

The Jewish View of Cremation

Death involves not just the body, but also the soul.

Organ Donation

Saving a life is paramount in Jewish law, but organ donation is much more complex than signing a donor card.

Stopping a Suicide

Is stopping a suicide merely a question of public interest - or is it also a spiritual matter involving God?

Compassionate Murder

When a father cannot stand the suffering of his daughter and kills her, who benefits by his action?

Doctor-Assisted Suicide

An act of mercy or murder? The controversy rages on as laws spring up legalizing doctor-assisted suicide.

Forced Surgery

When a person refuses treatment, do we have the right to administer it by force and save the life?

Why Jewish Medical Ethics

An introduction to the system of Jewish Law.

Going Extinct?

It has long been our environmental duty to save species from extinction. Will genetic engineering change all that?

Biblical Archeology: Sodom and Gomorrah

Does archeological data support the Biblical story?

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