Dear Dr. Laura

Some words of advice before you go.

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(55) Anonymous, January 11, 2011 4:24 AM

it was ALWAYS her ball

To say "take responsibility" is good. What is NOT good is badgering young single mothers until they cry on the air and then cutting them off the line. I think Dr. Laura used the N word because she really is racist. Besides which, she's a physical therapist.

(54) Scott, September 30, 2010 2:53 AM

The apology should be enough

I listened to the Dr. Laura N***** segment and while I felt she did make a point about African Americans calling each other N***** it is kind of like the way we sometimes talk amongst ourselves but do not want to be called Yid by someone outside the family. So her caller had a point too. Should Dr. Laura quit, not over this. She has been an incredible help to thousands. This is no reason to deprive thousands more her insight and help. But then maybe she is just ready to quit anyway. I have learned a lot from listening to her over the years and have nothing but the best wishes for her no matter what she decides to do in the future.

(53) Audrey Dalley, September 6, 2010 2:50 AM

So long, Dr. Laura

I have not been a faithful listener for many years. Dr. Laura is suffering from something - some kind of inner conflict perhaps. Dr. Laura overstayed her welcome. I wish her well.

(52) David, August 29, 2010 1:45 PM

Get a grip!

Get a grip people. Dr. Laura used the term correctly in defining the situation she was dealing with. The black population at large uses the term ad nauseam and we never called on the carpet for there own prejudice twards whites. STOP the PC or get played people!

(51) Anonymous, August 29, 2010 12:58 PM

You guys don't get it, do you?

Rabbi Salomon isn't really talking to Dr.Laura. What are the chances she's ever seen this website at all? The POINT is that everyone should be responsible for their actions and not run away from their problems. Actually, contrary to what people say, it does make sense when applied to her; you need to do what you believe in. If she believed that her comment was not wrong, then she should have taken a stand; if not, she should have apologized like she did, but you can't run away from your problems. Honestly, I don't think that she should be on public radio anymore; she seems to be breaking down or something. But the point still stands.

(50) Anonymous, August 29, 2010 2:47 AM


I'm surprised at the Rabbi's commentary this time around. Dr. Laura is not someone who I particularly feel sorry for. The one thing I agree with the Rabbi on is that she apologized for her shameful comments. There is no excuse for belittling someone on the air by repeating an abhored comment, I don't care what her motive was. To me, it was immature and inciteful of her. Dr. Laura to me is not known for her respect towards other people. I am not a loyal listener of her program, so I can't be one to say for sure, but based on the comments above, plenty of people find her style of dealing with others offensive. The fact that she could repeat such a demeaning word over and over again shows her lack of discretion and I think she did the right thing by stepping down, because once you cross the line on the air, I think you owe it to others to do the real right thing which is to give up the priveledges you owned before.

(49) Nancy, August 26, 2010 11:00 PM

Good riddance!

I have found Dr. Laura to be very judgmental, and nasty to her callers. She should never have become a person who gives advice to anyone. Please listen to Dr. Joy Browne, now there's a person worth listening to.

(48) Chava, August 26, 2010 6:44 PM

Dr Laura

I don't really care what Dr. Laura does.

(47) Anonymous, August 26, 2010 2:11 AM

Good Riddance

I used to like Dr . Laura's no-nonsense approach and her admonition to people to step up and take responsibility. But she has changed over the last two or three years. Have you REALLY listened to her lately? I find her to be more interested in making her point than in truly helping people, and the last few times I listened to her I thought she was downright abusive and cruel to her callers. I think has stooped to dramatics for the entertainment value. I am one person who says good bye and good riddance! Dr. Laura has done more harm than good.

(46) Yaakov, August 25, 2010 8:33 PM

Disagree with the rabbi

While I usually appreciate Rabbi Salomon's words, I have to strongly disagree with him this time. Aside from using the N word 11 times, Dr. Laura did not show the slightest bit of sensitivity to the caller, and completely invalidated her feelings. That is a violation of the first rule of psychology. If this is the true Dr. Laura - bigotted and insensitive - then good riddance.

(45) Anonymous, August 25, 2010 5:43 PM

Dr. Laura

It's not about Dr. Laura, but about most of us who are only too quick to step out of the game whenever things don't go our way, instead of putting in the effort life is demanding from us. This happens with work, learning, relationships, religion, social causes, and even hobbies. We could not be bothered. Rather, we give up. We become QUITTERS. There is a lot of Dr. Lauras walking around. I am one of them. People who refuse to take responsibility and strive to achieve their goals and mission; people too afraid to stand up and defend what they know is right and fight for what they want out of life. Thank you, Rabbi. Your words illuminated a part of me that for a long time I have refused to acknowledge, and now I have no place to hide. So, right now I'm starting to move toward a life of greater authenticity and valor. Thanks! Ketivah vachatimah tovah!

(44) My Thoughts, August 25, 2010 5:06 PM

Well put (38) Anonymous

I couldn't have said it better myself.

(43) Lynda, August 25, 2010 3:07 PM

The Rabbi is a teacher and that is why her wrote; he ia also a concerned teacher. Hopefully, your friends would point out your mistakes and trigger you to respond positively to fix them. Dr Laura, I hope you are listening....

(42) Malka Bando, August 25, 2010 6:57 AM

Dr. Laura

I don't understand why he even bothered to speak about her. After she denounced the Judaism that she converted to it would only follow as a natural course down the line that it would be something else. She projects her instability, why did he bother. "The woman doesn't practice what she preaches". Why bother mentioning her at all?

(41) , August 25, 2010 4:47 AM

feel the same way

Dear Rabbi, Thank you for your is funny that you mentioned about being disapointed with Dr. Laura when she stopped being observant...I felt the same way. She chose to make Jews and Judaism the same thing...if the "Jews" upset her then it must be that "Judaism" is upsetting and she must not belong. I guess it is the same with her show...I had not heard that she resigned, and I did hear about the "N" word episode, but have not listened. I am disappointed because there are very few people that aspouse personal responsibility in the world and it will be sad when she is no longer around to tell us to "Go do the Right Thing"....but at least you're around ;-)

(40) Marshall, August 25, 2010 3:52 AM

Strongly Disagree With Rabbi

Dr. Laura has been a crackpot for years.....I'm pretty shocked that Rabbi S. had been such a fan. She's a disturbed woman....and, was so long before her latest outburst. She deserves to stay retired. I'll be pretty surprised if the Rabbi does not get overwhelming negative response to his video commentary.

(39) shaul, August 25, 2010 3:44 AM


Rabbi , if DR.LAURA used the four letter k word derogatory toward jews- would you feel the same way? I think not. I, as a person of non-white ancestry , it is a offensive thing to do -considering the long history of racial discrimination and violence against non-whites in this country. There is no excuse -for someone as educated -as her to use that term and claim her first admendment rights were violated . She needs to be accountable -for her actions

(38) Anonymous, August 25, 2010 2:15 AM

I use to listen to Dr. Laura's show until I realized each week how intimidating & condescending she was to her callers & what a poor role model she was regarding interpersonal skills.She could have used her talents & gifts that she was given to be compassionate & refined. Instead, Dr. Laura was coarse, impatient & exhibited a sharp tongue. In view of these characteristics, she was an oxymoron & a disgrace to her profession& her show should have been cancelled long ago. Have we become so immuned & tolerant to the media's negative influences that we don't consider name calling & disrespect for others a reason for a talk show to be disbanned? We should consider ourselves fortunate that we will no longer be exposed to this unprofessional & unacceptable behavior. I'll substitute Dr. Joy Brown any day!

(37) Robert Sewell, August 25, 2010 1:28 AM

My sentiments exactly, Rabbi Salomon

Dr. Laura's opponents have always focused on the often harsh method of delivery she uses--a focus that obscures the good advice she gives, and points she makes regarding personal responsibility and fighting for what is right. It is so disappointing when she fails to live up to her own sermons. The temptation is to think that she doesn't really believe her own advice, but I think it's just further proof that the right thing to do is very hard to do, as she has so often pointed out herself.

(36) Anonymous, August 25, 2010 12:17 AM

fight !

Fighting for what is right is one thing. Fighting for what is wrong is another. Dear Rabbi- you are on the wrong side of this debate. I am sure that there are right wing radio hosts who are praising Mel Gibson to keep up the good work. Or Mike Richards, or Tom Cruise. Gibson and Richards are all but finished. Cruise cannot draw even like he used to. Laura is accepting responsibility for her lapse in judgment, whether from bigotry or drunkeness. Your disappointment is duly noted. I know that she is doing the right thing , accepting responsibility for undisciplined aberrant public behaviour, and leaving the field with some semblance of dignity. Can you imagine every African-American clogging up her call lines night after night with ridicule ? I guess that you haven't thought it out that far. Besides she has other outlets to apply herself to. This situation is not a big deal to her. It's a part of show business. She has had a phenomenal run. It;s now time to get out, and evolve. And she will. She is a fighter, and so good at it that she knows when she is bloodied and beaten by the court of public opinion. I hop[e that you didn't write this to hype your own column.

(35) ruth housman, August 24, 2010 10:20 PM

Dr. Laura

I never heard her show so I am only qualified to comment on the commentary and what was said. It sounds like she is not such a golden example for others, and that she is quite bigoted in her commentaries, if I the comments above are correct. Maybe taking responsibility in this case IS getting out, because it sounds irresponsible to be making the kind of comments I am hearing, second hand. I don't get a good sense of what is or was so special about this woman from your argument above. Other than this "catch word", why was she so important to you?

(34) Caroline, August 24, 2010 8:20 PM

Good advice for some...

The 'Anonymous' posts here should be ashamed for what they posted. Did you not hear that Dr. Laura did apologize on radio to all who was listening, but then you can still judge her for that? She did do the right thing in apologizing. You all should check your own-self before talking ill of her. Dr. Laura is a great woman and she gives good advice to the people who will listen and do. I want to say Thank You Rabbi Yaakov Salomon for this video of advice to Dr. Laura. I really hope she does change her mind and 'do the right thing' for what is right. Thank you!

(33) Glad Tidings, August 24, 2010 7:48 PM


dittos! dittos! dittos!

(32) Anonymous, August 24, 2010 7:19 PM

shocking that such an important contributor to aish as Rabbi Salomon, would bemoan and even pay attention to the resignation of a woman who is hardly a Jewish role model. Quite to the contrary; when the going got tough, and Judaism was inconvenient, she did not "take responsibility," but chucked it all! I suspect that most aish viewers are seeking Torah videos and articles rather than commentaries on "tv/radio celebrities" and their antics.

(31) Anonymous, August 24, 2010 6:59 PM

There should be no advice, no defense....

What Dr. Laura said was completely uncalled for. It wasn't just how it was said, but the way that she said it. She said it to provoke; to throw any complaints about racism back into the face of someone who feels discriminated against. I am Black and her comments were very hurtful. Just because some entertainers choose to say certain words, why should I need to explain that I don't enjoy hearing them? @TMay - If you personally did not mind having questions shot at your specifically because you are a Jew, that is your perogative but it does not excuse such action in the first place. Understand as well, as an outsider of a group, you must be tactful. What man would ask a woman "What is the female view of such-and-such?" Is that not incredibly presumptious? Why would all women think alike? And if you are so driven to know, then go ask a women's studies Professor. I feel the exact same way about people asking me questions about Black people or Judaism. Again consult a professor or a rabbi. I am an expert on no one or nothing but myself!

(30) Anonymous, August 24, 2010 6:55 PM

Why do blacks use the N-word casually?

Every race has inside jokes that they would say to one another but they wouldn't want another race to say to them. When white people use the N-word they use it in a hateful way. It reminds them of racism they went through and still is going through. Black people use the N-word like a slap in the face to the white race to remind them of what they did. Same as they word Boy, white people always called black men "Boy!" That's why when black men talk to each other they say, "Hey man". They let people and each other know that they are not a boy but a man. Black people laugh about the situation because now "Who is the joke on?"

(29) Judy, August 24, 2010 6:54 PM

In support of Dr. Laura

While I am also disappointed that Dr. Laura made the decision to terminate her radio show at the end of this year, I believe that I do understand her motivations. I am a long-time listener, and, for those who seem to "hate" her, I can only guess that they either have not listened to her show or have listened only occasionally -- or could it be that she took positions that the "haters" found too hard to accept because they are just hard to do. It is very hard to "do the right thing". I certainly did not agree with her stands on some issues, but I have great respect for her efforts to teach people how to treat one another, and I believe that she has done much good for thousands of people. I remember when she left Orthodox Judaism, and that saddened me, but for those who listen regularly to her show, you will find that the ethical principles she espouses are very much in keeping with Torah values, including her strong recommendation against religious intermarriage for couples who plan to have kids. What she said during her interview on Larry King's show, but what most who criticize her failed to hear (or didn't want to hear) is that she plans to stay very much connected to those who value her wisdom, but not via the radio -- BECAUSE it is not fair to put her sponsors, syndicators, radio stations and others dependent on her radio show at risk because of her sometimes politically incorrect statements. To some that may seem a bit disingenuous, but I believe it is a sincere statement from her. At 63 years old, I believe that she is extremely tired of defending her positions publicly (not to mention the necessity of employing a bodyguard to defend her from those whose hatred might escalate to physical violence). I will very much miss listening to her show, but I wish Dr. Laura well and hope that she finds another way to share with her loyal listeners the brilliance she always displayed in helping people who need advice.

(28) Anonymous, August 24, 2010 6:43 PM

Tis sad...I agree

When we lived very remote at one point, some years ago and our last child was still with us, the only station we could hear had Dr. Laura on it. We listened faithfully for those couple years. I feel my daughter learned a great deal from her, and from her callers. I had not heard that she had walked away from being a practicing Jew. That is sad indeed. We should never allow life's events to drive us from such!! Thanks for your reasoned response here!

(27) Anonymous, August 24, 2010 5:21 PM

It's not about Dr. Laura

Yaacov's commentary here lists many of the reasons that Dr. Laura should move on. She's not respectful and not accountable; she advocates accountability for others and doesn't live it herself. So why is Yaacov listing reasons leading us to conclude this person is damaging and then Yaacov says she may dissappoint us by leaving? I am clear in my head that Dr. Laura is no prize. I'm dissappointed by Yaacov's illogical message here. Fight for what we believe: yes. But let's make sure it's reasonable before we decide to fight for it. Dr. Laura's wars were often chosen to incite others and build her own ratings. Selfish from the get go. And very hurtful to others, in the end. Ask any gay person in America. Now ask any black person. And it appears some Jews take issue with the Dr's mysterious and temporary plunge into Judaism. It takes a lapse of judgement to appreciate Dr. Laura's contributions as wholesome. I as Yaacov to reconsider his position. Thank you, non-the-less for causing thoughtfulness!

(26) Anonymous, August 24, 2010 4:58 PM

Very surprised by your comments

"Fight for what is right" is a ridiculous expression in this case. She sounds like a bigot and your defense of her is very disappointing. You should rethink your comments.

(25) NRT, August 24, 2010 4:30 PM

apples and oranges

1. An adult-oriented comedy program or musical performance is not the same as a daytime radio program broadcast over the airways. That some comedians or musicians use certain words for shock value does not give a daytime broaadcaster the same *social* permission to do the same. Some comedians and rappers use four-letter obscenities, but I don't hear Dr. Laura complaining about her 1st amendments rights on those. 2. Dr. Laura lost my trust years ago when she decided that Shabbos was getting in the way of sailing her boat. That's the kind of complaint I expect to hear from a 17 year old, not a mature woman. 3. Isn't it all very interesting that we are all talking about Dr. Laura just as her contract is coming up for discussion? Especially after several major radio markets have dropped her like a hot rock?

(24) Anonymous, August 24, 2010 4:17 PM

Dr. Laura unfortunately is not a well person emotionally or mentally. In fact, not that stable, either. I feel sorry for her. As for her decision to leave her program - maybe she was fired and they allowed her to say that she was leaving on her own volition

(23) Anonymous, August 24, 2010 4:07 PM

leaving the show or fired?

Do we really know if she was asked to leave or has chosen to walk away to "save face" from the announcement that her contract will not be renewed? Maybe it was not really her choice......maybe they have made the choice for her! We may never really know!

(22) Leah, August 24, 2010 3:40 PM

Dr Laura's departure

Bravo Rabbi Saloman. Dr. Laura should practice what she preaches about taking responsibility. I am doubly disappointed to learn of her attitude toward G-d and Judaism. She should have done herself a favor and not converted. Judaism is not a fad; it is our special relationship with G-d. It is very simple; HE loves us and we love him back by performing his commandments.

(21) , August 24, 2010 3:00 PM

Daniel, please do not compare her with Imus. He has made a career of being "famous for being famous" and pretending to be an idiot to get away with obnoxious and unfunny comments. Schlesinger has a consistent message of empowerment through taking responsibility. They are opposites.

(20) Anonymous, August 24, 2010 2:51 PM

I agree

Dr. Laura has helped me through many difficult times. I was disappointed that she gave up judaism because of the disappointment in imperfect jews. I too have taught strength to others and have been shot down and wanted to quit. Please do not quit and I will not either.

(19) Unlisted, August 24, 2010 2:39 PM

This is such lashon hora!

Dr. Laura Schlessinger underwent an Orthodox conversion, so she is a ger and is entitled to be treated with the same respect you would accord any Jew. Even though she may have publicly repudiated her Judaism, she is now a Jew forever, regardless of such repudiation (or even if she "converts" to another religion). And because she is a Jew, even though she is a public figure, that means this gossiping about and criticism of her, especially in a public forum, should not be permitted on the Aish website! Perhaps if that respect were accorded to her on this Jewish website and in other situations, she would have not become turned off to Judaism!

(18) Don Kastner, August 24, 2010 2:32 PM

Testing the "core"....

Most people today are doing alot of talking, but through circumstances, we are finding out that they do not do the walk that match their talk. Her actions reflects the fruit that she bears. Words can be deceiving, but, it is our actions that speaks volume. Your words showed understanding and a direction for her to seek. It will be her choice to make this happen.

(17) Susan, August 24, 2010 2:28 PM

I agree with you

I totally agree with Rabbi Saloman. I don't think walking away is the right thing to do, and I do know that regardless of what her qualifications are, Dr Laura does dispense good advise. Every now and again i want to slap her up side her head because she didn't listen properly, but we all do that. I think she has done enough good in the secular world to make her worth while. I don't think she was wrong to use the word the way she did, as she was just explaining it, she did not CALL the woman a nigger, that would have been out of line, she gave an excellent example. I hope she remains dispensing her advise to the outside world without hesitation. Just because you don't like the WAY words are delivered, doesn't make them wrong. no shacking up, staying together for the sake of the children (in most situations), moms being their for the kids, being a good wife to your husband, etc, these are not values which are against Torah, they support Torah values way more than anything else I've ever heard. Don't leave us Dr Laura. The world needs you!

(16) Anonymous, August 24, 2010 2:13 PM


One thing Dr. Laura is, is intelligent (she has a Ph.D (in physiology)) so no, she has never had any "misunderstanding" about her actions. She is at best an explosive, angry woman and at worst just a cynic of sociopathic dimensions running a sideshow based on people's misery for the millions of dollars it brought her. So stop wondering how she "could possibly believe" anything, it is all deliberate. Wake up. She could declare herself Jewish today, probably Buddhist next week and a staunch Baptist next year. Whatever sells or will sense out of her deranged existence, as long as it "slaps harder" than the last religion. She is a one person Tea Party selling tickets. Throw her out of the Temple.

(15) Tracy, August 24, 2010 1:47 PM

disappointed in your comments

Dear Rabbi Salomon, I just viewed your blog comments regarding Dr Laura's decision to leave her radio show. If I understand your message to Dr Laura, you are telling her to stay and "fight for what is right". What exactly should she be fighting for? Her right to free speech - to say what she thinks? I dont think her problem is an issue of first ammendment rights - just because you can, doesnt make it right. Just because she has the right to say whatever she thinks - including using the extremely hateful "n" word - doesnt mean it's the right thing to do. As a radio celebrity, she should be smart enough to know this and use a filter before speaking. I believe that her comments and subsequent attitute following this debacle, fly in the face of everything I know about Judaism - being good to others, tikkun olam, performing mitzvot, etc. I am disappointed that as a Rabbi, you didnt consider this perspective. I personally am happy to see her go. I realize I also have the choice to turn the radio dial, not purchase from the vendors who support her and utilize my first ammendment rights to state my thoughts about her (respectfully) - all of which I have already done.

(14) Jossef, August 24, 2010 1:30 PM

The "Real" Dr. Laura

Laura Schlesinger was never who she pretended to be. She memorized the "script" like any actor who memorize his/her lines. Americans in particular have the tendency to confuse between actors and the roles they play. On several occasions before the latest incidence we knew of contradictions between her "talk" and her "walk." Her preachy mode has always indicated that there was little about her that was really Jewish. In the end she just added to the cynical view that much of our society has that it pays to "talking the talk but not walk the walk."

(13) Jerry Reich, August 24, 2010 1:15 PM

Dr Laura Sledgehammer verbally abusive hitting her points.

I second Rabbi Solomen. Years ago The good Dr was scheduled to march at our Purim parade in Atlanta and cancelled at the last moment. Next thing I hear she gave up being orthodox. Some example of staying the course she is. Why don't you Dr Schledgehammer Take Responsibility for accepting Gods precepts and not pick and choose which one you will accept and which one you will toss out the window? Clearly you expect alot more of others than you expect of yourself. I tuned you out long ago for the rude way you treat your audience. Verbal mud wrestling.

(12) Anonymous, August 24, 2010 12:57 PM

Don't bother criticizing.

I think everyone needs to pause and analyze "Dr." Laura with the presumption that she is just a huckster, a scam artist. If you do it all makes sense. Listening to snippets of her talking to callers is always the same, tell them they are stupid and it is their fault or to deal with it and shut up --just about every caller. An epic nasty, nasty shtik that some (usually pathetic) people confuse with decisiveness and wisdom. No she is not a psychologist Ph.D doctor (lying) and she knows this, her "1st Amendment Rights" were not being denied when others criticizing her, it has nothing to with her legal rights (again lying), I have little doubt that she can tell the difference between a white person calling an African-American a N***** and one AA saying it to another AA (where it can't really be a remark about racial inferiority --again lying). That and I understand she took legal action to suppress porno movies she did long ago. Her show, her "professionalism," her incendiary style is a joke, a scam, as much psychological "help" as the Jerry Springer show is, but something that has made her very wealthy. Either that or she is just an extremely rats-in-her-head nasty piece of work they put on the radio as a popular sideshow. You should not dignify her antics by taking whatever she says with any seriousness. She is at best a anger-monger, at worst just scum.

(11) Anonymous, August 24, 2010 12:44 AM

The "N" word

I suppose we all know the reason that Ms. Laura Catharine Schlesinger decided to call it quits. (I am sorry but I cannot call her Dr. Laura. A PhD in physiology does not make one an expert in psychology or psychiatry.) And, a lot of people believe that she will be back in the saddle soon enough. I think that we can joke around about our noses or whatever we think might be the stereotype of a Jew, but as soon as anyone from the outside kids about it what do we do? Right! Now, it is much worse with the black people. They have taken the word nigger and transformed it into a word of empowerment but only if it is used in a certain manner and when used by their group. Looking at that horrible history I think that is easy enough to understand. How Ms. Schlesinger could not understand that but rather kept on arguing for the freedom of speech is beyond me. I wish her all the best in her retirement even if it is a short one. Now, I do hope that if she comes back that she adds a dose of kindness, and wisdom, to what she says. On one of my many long trips I ended up listening to this lady and if what I heard during the 30 minutes was representative then the show was an exercise in putting people down. It was shaming people. It was embarrassing people. That is not something that I would want my name associated with. It may be good for ratings but not for people in need. Laura Catherine Schlessinge

(10) SusanE, August 24, 2010 12:04 AM


Phil, If I forget to wear my watch, or call a customer by the wrong name, or lose a telephone number, that is a slip-up. If you believe that the actions of these two public people were mere slip-ups, then your thinking and my thinking differ too greatly. I don't think we could have a balanced discussion about our views. I see ethics and responsibility entering into what Dr. Laura did, not just that she slipped-up...... thank you for reading the comments here.

(9) Andy, August 23, 2010 3:04 PM

One has a choice to quit a job but a Jew is always a Jew

As I understand it if one is born to a Jewish mother or converts under an Orthodox beit din one can't retire from being Jew. It's like quitting being a daughter. One can sever all contact with a parent but you're still the parent's child. I hope Dr Laura takes the Rabbi's advice and gets back in and fights even if it's messy. I write this even as I think it likely that she may fight some battles where I am on the opposing side. It's empowering to know we may be wrong and the other person may be correct, and if it's proven so and we have the courage we have the ability to change our opinion.

(8) Phil, August 23, 2010 9:59 AM

no longer suitable?

SusanE writes, "They are no longer suited for or capable of the jobs they are in." A couple of slipups and they're no longer suited for their jobs? Why is that?

(7) SusanE, August 23, 2010 4:21 AM

Never heard of Dr. Laura until reading on another site yesterday. People must have agreed with her teachings if she had her own radio show. Was she an advice Dr.? And they must have followed her up to the day she lost it. I listened to the phone call and her response. Not a rational professionals’ reaction to the caller. ---------------------- A flight attendant lost it over dealing with difficult people last week and this woman lost over the remarks from a caller this week. They are no longer suited for or capable of the jobs they are in. So I agree it is time for Dr. Laura to move on. Sirius or XM radio would be a better home for her along with Sterns and Opie and Anthony. She can say what she wants and doesn't have to watch her mouth. No need to be surprised, she has showed her honest open racist feelings. At least her public knows where she stands. She might make a great shock jock. Both her and the flight attendant went out with a bang. Maybe they will both make some money off their actions.

(6) TMay, August 23, 2010 1:37 AM

Reasonable people can differ.

I remember that I had a discussion with a White friend over his asking a Black colleague his feelings about such and such, being Black. I told him I thought he made the man uncomfortable and I could understand it being Jewish, even though the exact same thing had routinely happened to me as a Jewish person and I had not minded, although an observer had. My White friend had responded that being Black was different that being Jewish because it was obvious, and was more akin to being a man or a woman, since one can usually see a person's sex. The woman caller in Dr Laura's case was a Black woman married to a White man and she objected being asked what the Black view on such and such was, and Dr Laura had thought that the woman was hypersensitive. Reasonable people can differ.

(5) raisy, August 22, 2010 10:21 PM


I thank you , Dr. Laura, for all the wisdom you imparted and the courage you showed. You were and are an inspiration. I hope you will one day taste the sweet taste of surrender to G-d's and His Word

(4) Raisy, August 22, 2010 10:20 PM

I've learned so much

I consider Dr. Laura one of the people who has had the greatest impact on my life. Her recurrent themes of "doing the right thing", "Stop whining", and yes, "Trust in G-d" were clearly articulated. I was also amazed at the often lightning speed with which Dr. Laura zeroed in on an issue and reduced it to a moral question--to which the answer was usually obvious. Some people had trouble with the black-and-whiteness of her analysis. I found it resonated with truth. She helped be become a stronger believer in the G-d and some of the things she said reverberate in my head. She said, "Judaism is an opportunity". It made so much sense. Some people make use of this opportunity and others somehow just don't "get it". I think she was an awesome ba'alas hashkafa--briliantly seeing the entire forest, from amidst the many trees; elucidating the truths of the Torah. I'm disappointed, too, that she will be leaving the show although I have not been able to find her on the radio for several years now--or listen to her when I did find her. I think, sadly, arrogance was at the root of her leaving praciticing Judaism. There's got to be some humbleness, some 'hachna'a" as Rav Avigdor Miller would often state, in being a Jew. Ultimately our minds need to surrender to a Greater Mind. I think that was hard for Dr. Laura. After she made that announcement about renouncing her observance, a shocking chillul haShem, I was so dismayed. After some thought, I realized that her hashkafos--her outlooks on Judaism--were most akin to that of Reform Judaism's. Basically: extract the ethical elements of the Torah, mostly the obligations towards our fellow man, and chuck the rest of the 'archaic', difficult , observances. It's been borne out again and again, though, that when we begin to cherry-pick the mitzvot more and more are left at the wayside and there is little to keep man obligated at all. He is at the mercy of his own little--or even big--mind. .

(3) TMay, August 22, 2010 9:00 PM

to end

I do not know how insurance works for radio shows. Maybe the moment one slips up and possibly makes a pay out, perhaps the rates go up so high that it no longer pays to run the show. Dr Salomon took her at her word when she said she was not going to practice orthodox Judaism. My assumption was that she was tired, being a public figure, of being scrutinized by the whole world looking for her to slip up, and that she may very well have continued to practice orthodox Judaism just without the 12 billion eyes on the planet watching her for a slip up. A typical democrat can end up on the cover of the tabloids for being caught committing adultery, but a conservative orthodox Jew who is a public figure can end up on the cover for putting bacon bits as versus mock ones on one’s salad by mistake. I think it is sad. It is sad that a woman needs an intermediary who is a lawyer between her and callers. It is sad that the liberal media act like sharks responding to chum. It is sad that a woman who tries to solve problems by teaching morality and responsibility because no one else did, is a hated target. It is sad that people in the US can make a lot of money if they can fit themselves into a victim box. Michael Medved loves to say on his show “Repeat after me, I am not a victim.” We, the US, get more of what we reward. Dr Laura says that the Left tries to eliminate rather than debate and I think she is right about that and that is sad. I don’t like that the Left’s attitude is “perfection or nothing” and we, as imperfect human beings, often end up with nothing as a result, example Dr Laura’s show gone in 2011, where there was a voice, there will be silence. It is sad that having President Obama has not helped race relations for many. However Jon Stewart on his comedy show humorously showed a Black guy finding the small print on the race card that it does not work when a Black man is president of the US.

(2) TMay, August 22, 2010 8:57 PM


I think she provided a valuable service to her callers. I used to listen to her show. I was upset seeing a CNN interview with her, and an interview with her caller where her caller said she was called the n-word on the call which is a total fabrication and seemed like the beginning of a set-up for a law case, and IMHO a winning the jackpot attitude. I turned it off. If it proceeds to a law case, I think that the matter of race relations may very well be discussed nationally. I do not see how someone can conduct a national radio show 3 hours a day when one is giving "free advice" that normally would cost a person over a hundred dollars an hour and one is getting a nugget passed to one quickly rather than taking the customary year that a therapist takes to work through the denial to get to the problem, and then be subject to law cases over a word. A parent takes years to teach morality. I do not know how someone can attest to facts that did not occur when taped. I can’t imagine what law would be applied and what damages and I am sure It would depend on the jury, judge, and the location of the case, but judging by the attitude of the CNN interviewer, the fact that the woman caller is likely to win a windfall despite the facts, would be a sad commentary on America. It would fundamentally affect Dr Laura’s radio show if everyone was trying to set her up so that they could be the next windfall. Instead of being a problem solving radio show, it would become a lottery. Perhaps they will just settle and it will be a windfall for the woman anyway. Her whole show would become a game of gotcha either for money or to hurt her. I think Dr Laura sees reality and deals with it. Dr Laura can move to the internet where advertisers and channels are not affected by what she does. Also she will have time to reflect on answers and possibly have a legal staff look them over, and exculpatory clauses in writing that have to be ticked off before proceeding.

(1) Daniel Morgenbesser, August 22, 2010 8:48 PM

Political Correctness

The problem is that one cannot fight political correctness. (See Don Imus).


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