Their Pain, Our Pain

The missiles are aimed at all of us.

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(21) Daniel, January 30, 2009 12:10 AM

It seems to me the arabs are living in another world, how could they say the Jews have "occupy their land".How did they got to that land in the first place and why did they leave "their land". Are the under some curse or have been blinded by their hatred of the jews

(20) David, January 10, 2009 5:14 AM


I am reading these comments made by good people siiting in their homes in the US, or Germany, People that can afford to claim "innocence" on the other side as well. I am in Ashdod, at a friend's home that is safer than my home which is even closer to the firing line around Gaza. My friends and neighbors, my children and grendchildren have been targeted by arab terrorists for all their lives. Countless missiles and bombs have been loobed with the intent to kill the innocent. I am a social worker, and I love humanity but - and it is a big BUT - too much is enough. Nobody in Gaza of today is more "innocent" than the population of Joshua's Jericho - and in war out people were charged to kill every last inhabitant of that city and countless others, all of them really innocent - but the people in Gaza of today are anything but innocent - they have been trying to kill all that are dear to me for tha past 8 years. All we wanted to do is kive in peace. So from your soft arcahirs in Berlin or New York or Timbukto - you cannot call mederers "innocent" - and thhose that have been trying to murder me and my innocent grandchildren are, as far as I am concerned "bnei mavet" - or sons of death, and that must be their fate - either them - or me. David

(19) Anonymous, January 9, 2009 8:28 AM

answer to "where is God" comment

I understand your question. I realize that it seems that God is not present when children are destroyed by missiles. I am certain that millions of people were asking themselves the same question during the Shoah.Most of my family was destroyed during that time, and yet I have come to understand something that, although painful to think about, is true. We all accepted the Torah at Mount Sinai. 6 000 000 neshamot were present, 600 000 accepted the Torah and ALL of its commandments.What are we doing now? Where is the religious state of Israel where Jews can be free? What tiny percentage of Jews perform the mitzvot we accepted to take upon ourselves? Maybe the question is not "where is God", maybe it is "where are WE when we promised to follow HIM?". I'm not saying only non-religious Jews suffer, clearly there are extremely pious Jews that suffer enormously. But we are ONE people. When some of us reject the Torah or parts of it, we ALL pay the price. What have we done for God? Where is our pride and honor in OUR Torah? Maybe those questions can bring about some change, even the tiniest one, in all of us. Maybe then, there will be peace for the Jewish people. Amen.

(18) ruth housman, January 8, 2009 8:38 PM

the answer must lie with God

I am wondering, through all of this, this painful, anguished, endless war, who truly speaks for God. Where is God? It seems to me that so many peoples are carrying that banner, saying God is on OUR side. On Aish there is this constant refrain about us, being Chosen, being the apple of God''s eye.

I can''t help having trouble with this, just as I am so troubled about these missiles. I am not blind, nor deaf, nor unfeeling. What would I do? Does this affect me, a Jew, living here in the United States? Of course it does, and must.

There are children on the other side. These are also innocents. Innocence is corrupted by hate, by ongoing upset. How would any mother feel on any side, when her home, her family, her children are wounded and blown up? Wouldn''t I hate, wherever I was born if I saw this happening? If I were taught about the "other"? We are not choosing our birthplace. We are born into it.

Where is God in all of this? Surely if God were on OUR side then what? Would this continue? How would it resolve. If God is about love then surely God cannot be loving some children more than others. To me, that''s plain, wrong if God is ONE, which is our mantra, the Jewish people. One refers in my mind to ALL peoples of the earth.
Perhaps it refers to ALL creation.

If we are special then everyone has done a dance and has been in each others'' tents so everyone has been a Jew. I am talking about reincarnation. I cannot understand any other explanation for Chosen. Chosen, for what? Special, for what? To take the world to a better place, a place of peace, a place where tikkun olam is universal? Then hatred has no place in all of this. Diversity of all kinds needs to be celebrated. Is it Chosen, to suffer? We have suffered.

When did we stop being the Family of Man? I am not talking here about stopping terror. I am talking about a deeper subject and I read such words on Aish, like wipe them all out. I am saying this frightens me. From Jews.

I read and read and think and think, and it is with sensitivity to all peoples, to humanity as a whole. No, I do not endorse terrorism. How could I?

You know, the solution cannot be lobbing bombs the other way. It simply cannot be the solution. History does not tell us this is the way to peace.

The solution to a deep problem like this must lie in confronting the truth that this small country cannot handle this many people, and if it could, then there has to be equality, trust and honor to all.

I hear so many words of hate that are flying in both directions. We who were once brothers, and there is Biblical history to confront here.

It''s not about sovereignty. The rain of tears and the reign of terror MUST stop.
Tell me how continued war can be an answer? When has this solved Israel''s problems?

Tell me, Who speaks for God?

(17) Danica, January 8, 2009 5:09 AM

It is true

I'm a none-jew from Germany and what you said is true. It's not just the one's in Sderot and now Ashkelon who are attacked. It's all over the world. And we need to stand up against this antisemitism! We have an enemy in common! That's why we have 3 rallys in Munich, Berlin and Frankfurt this sunday to support Israel!

(16) Barbara, January 7, 2009 8:39 PM

God Bless Israel

As some have seen on the internet, the protests, and verbal abuse against Israel in the United States I am disgusted. Millions of Christians across America support Israel, and pray daily for her people. May the grace of God be with you.

(15) Zvi Cohn, January 7, 2009 5:45 PM

We need to counter anti-Israel demonstrations and web activism

Too often the public sees anti-Israel demonstrations, not countered by Jewish demonstrations in support of Israel. The web is also full of anti-Israel propaganda. We need to actively counter these things, show the public as a whole that there are 2 sides to this. Go to youtube and watch the pro-Israel videos and answer those who post anti-semitic videos and posts. Go to message boards wherever you find them on the web and make the world aware. And when you see them demonstrate against Israel go and tell them about reality.

(14) avraham minsky, January 7, 2009 10:30 AM

am Yisrael Chai

we have to feel as one person.we have suffered many atrosities yet G-d keeps His a child growing up in Skokie Il.when the nazis marched,i went to school with swastikas and slang spray painted on my grade school, they also did this to our family business.i'm a hard line Zionist.i've had Israeli flags stolen or torn in front of my house.we must stick together and always remember "AM YISRAEL CHAI"and continually plead with HaShem for peace for His people the apple of His Eye, Yisrael !!!

(13) peter, January 7, 2009 8:24 AM

the head ofthe ugly snake must be forced to turn on itself.`gaza will always be a breeding ground for hate unless major changes are made with the help of jordan and egypt and all the free moderate states and the palestinians themselves

(12) Mel, January 6, 2009 10:40 PM

too dependent on hydrocarbons

We have to keep talking, at home, in public, to anyone who will listen. I was talking about this issue to my husband at a restaurant, extolling Israel's restraint and the IDF's concern for civilians, explaining Hamas's agenda, to wipe Israel off the map. A couple sitting nearby heard my comments and thanked me. We should all keep talking, we should all keep informing people of the truth.

(11) David Talbot, January 6, 2009 8:03 PM

What Can I (We) Do?

Rabbi, I can't tell anyone what they should's what we are doing. We are coming to Israel right away, in just a couple of weeks. This tells our brothers and sisters in Israel that we are with them in more than spirit. 2nd. We are telling everyone we know that we are going to Israel. They all say, "why?" And this gives us the opportunity to tell them and anyone who may be listening, that we are one community and any attack on Israel is an attack on all of us and that's where we must go--right now. I spent 2 years in Vietnam and personally experienced rocket and mortar attacks. So I know what it's like to have bombs falling out of the sky and to think, "They are really trying to kill me!" It's too bad the IDF doesn't need any 65 year old Helicopter Pilots--or I'd be there enlisting!!! David

(10) Anonymous, January 6, 2009 7:20 PM

Be accepting of all Jews

I think that we should be accepting of all Jews- regardless of their religious affiliations or beliefs. To care about other Jews and, in any way we can, help them with their Torah and Mitzvot observance.

(9) peter kraynik, January 6, 2009 4:35 PM

Sound the Shofar

"When you are at war in your land against an aggressor who attacks you, you shall sound short blasts on the trumpets, that you may be remembered before the L-rd your G-d and be delivered from your enemies". All of our victories have come from G-D. We must always remember to have complete trust, and use the tools given to accomplish HIS will. We will be victorious not by weapons alone, but by our trust, faith in G-D. Lets move forward with the faith of our fathers in victory!

(8) John Tavary, January 6, 2009 12:08 PM

The UN is calling for a cease fire,the Europian Union is calling for a cease fire, Arab Countries throughout the world are calling for a cease fire. My question to you is where are these same countries as Israel gets pummeled daily by rockets that are fired on civilian areas without remorse. Where are they as Hamas and Hezbella along with Iran call for the distruction of Israel. Where are these countries when Israel gives up land to the same Palistinian terrorists in order to appease the rest of the world. I can tell you this, if Israel were being attacked by Iran, Syria or possibly some day Russia, those who call for cease fire would be silent as would the Media.

(7) jose carp, January 6, 2009 10:55 AM


I have just participated in a conference call with the leaders of 84 European Jewish communities. We all agreed to speak with one voice in solidarity with Israel which is again changing history to give dignity, freedom and peace to the Jewish people all over the world.

(6) Anonymous, January 6, 2009 8:45 AM

This Rockets are aimed at all the Jews.

The speaker got it right on the nose when he said that this rockets are aimed at all the Jews. The only reason I don't see rockets after me is because the range of their rockets can't reach me YET.

(5) yaakov, January 5, 2009 6:08 PM

blogs that help

important question. esp when so many jews don't want to hear about it. they watch lamestream media and think israel is wrong. i read,mysticalpaths,asimplejew blogs and it helps me.

(4) Reuven, January 5, 2009 4:50 PM

We must use the greatest power given to us-Prayer. The more we pray for our fellow Jews, the more we will be able to feel their pain. We will thus be helping them in the best way that we can and perhaps in the best way possible. Prayer has been and always will be the Jews' greatest weapon.

(3) Yehoshua Cirt, January 5, 2009 4:24 PM

from me in Israel

And what about the destroyed communities of Gush Katif? not only did not many Jews get perturbed about their suffering as the missle sponge of this country, now they tend to forget that all this callamity is a direct result of NOT HAVING those very settlements that Sharon and Ulmart destroyed. Not only was that serious mistake made, it is made worse by the pasifists here not having the decency to admit it. And you knowe what I would like to holler? "We told you so!"

(2) Debora, January 5, 2009 12:55 PM

May Israel subdue all its enemies

G-d willing.

(1) Moshe Rosen, January 5, 2009 11:38 AM

more difficult times

As we succumb to more difficult times, as it is said that "every generation they rise up against us", we should probably avoid being tempted in giving into having remorse for Hamas, let alone Palestinian casualties. There is a lot of liberal and conservative bias in the media that goes on to the point it keeps me, in particular, up at night on whether Israel will pull through on the Hamas rocket attacks, or that there will be a vast amount of misinformation and propaganda being reported by Palestinian journalists, among others in the guise of human rights groups. And yes, it is true or fair to say that when we Jews unite either in Israel or the diaspora, the secular world cannot take us for granted.


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