Hatred at Harvard

New players with old tunes join the 'Blame the Jews' team. (2 min.)

Thank You, Dr. Sultan

One woman speaks her mind. (2 min.)

Spiritual Flight Insurance

Is your pilot really 'good to go'? (2 min.)

The Heavenly Blizzard

Is your Weatherman really a False Prophet? (2 min.)

Taking Pot Shots at Cheney

When is a double standard okay? (2 min.)

Shop n' Drop

How much is a little sleep worth to you? (2min.)

Cartoon Craziness

Does freedom of expression have limits? (1min. 40sec)

Will Hamas go Broke?

What happens when the money dries up? (1min. 45sec)

The Misleading Memoir

Oprah comes clean. Sort of. (3 min)

Re-claiming Kabbalah

Don't believe what you read. (2 min. 31 sec)

All Together Now

What can we do to nurture Jewish unity? (2 min. 11 sec)

Sabbath: Day to Pray or Day to Play?

Who decides Community Center policy? (2 min. 27 sec)

Salomon Says: Unfriendly Skies

Are rules meant to be broken? (2 min. 30 sec)

Salomon Says: When Kids Curse

Are they breaking the law or just letting off steam? (2 min. 24 sec)

Salomon Says: Creationism Vs. Evolution

Does it belong in our classrooms? What's your opinion? (1 min. 55 sec)

Salomon Says: The Great Google Rebellion

Can't live with it; can't live without it (2 min. 11 sec)

Salomon Says: Target Practice

How much charity is really enough? (1 min. 36 sec)

Mind Over Matter

Putting your "emergencies" to the ultimate test. (1 min. 39 sec)

What's Hiding in Your Freezer

Priorities, priorities, priorities... isn't that what it's all about? (1 min. 29 sec)

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