Poll Shocker

Majority of secular Israelis are ready to study Torah.

Mordechai’s Secret Weapon!

How did he get the Jewish people to listen and help save the day?

The Blizzard that Wasn’t

Why the botched prediction really bothers me.

Helicopter Parenting

Would you let your kids, 10 and 6, walk home alone from a park a mile away?

Just Smile

The shocking benefits of a simple smile.

Legalizing Marijuana

Why I think this is a terrible idea.

Technology in the Bedroom

Help, my spouse is addicted to his smart phone!

Knowing When a Relationship is Over

Despite our hopes that this is "the one," we sometimes need to just move on.

My Knee Replacement

No one told me it was going to be this painful. They should have.

Top 3 Reasons Not to Retire

If possible, avoid it as long as possible.

Sukkot Is Here

Just be there and feel God’s presence.

Watch What You Say

Every single word can make a difference.

Ultimate Waze

How to know you’re on the best route in life.

Ignore No More

Forcing your kids to answer your calls. Is it a good idea?

Don’t Tell Me What To Do!

What is government’s role in dictating to parents how to parent?

Mostly Cloudy or Partly Sunny

Learn how to have a positive outlook on life.

Finding God in Gaza

A fresh look at God’s hand in the war in Gaza.

The Real Reason I Eat Kosher

And it‘s not because it’s more healthy.

On the War Front

Your small efforts can make the difference.

A 3-Step Formula for Unity

We all agree that we need to love each other. But how do you do it?

The Coolness Factor

Studies show that being cool at 13 doesn’t transfer into success at 23.

The Kidnapping in Israel

Focus your efforts on prayer. It makes a difference.

The Rise of the Non-Affiliated

Why does religious affiliation continue to drop?

A Passover Shocker

What one 8 year old boy asked his father at the Seder.

Serving Halal in the Cafeteria

Does this conflict with bringing religion in public schools?

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