Watching the Bible

14 million people tuned in. Can they get turned on?

The Jezebel Restaurant Debate

Should Kosher supervision have the power to reject a restaurant’s name?

The Great Facebook Bribe

Should a parent bribe a child not to use Facebook?

Anti-Muslim Marketing

Anti-Muslim ads fill the NYC subways. Good idea?

Twin Brothers Put to Death

The slippery slope of euthanasia. A shocking case.

Buddy, Can You Keep It Down?

Is there a nice way to tell strangers to be quiet?

Jewish Person of the Year

Who has contributed the most to the Jewish people this year?

Battle of the Bulge

Is it okay to tell your friend to lose weight?

Hanukkah: Why 8 Days?

The special meaning of the number 8 in Judaism.

Playing God

How far would you go in using medical technology to enhance your life?

World Opinion & Israel

How much does it really matter?

The Petraeus Profile

How we can understand why this happened.

Pictures Don't Smell

Finding a way to help Sandy’s victims.

Taking Sandy Personally

The true answer to, “What does it all mean?”

The Presidential Debates

Do our preconceived notions prevent us from really listening?

Post-Holiday Blues

How to keep growing spiritually after the holiday blitz.

Malala Vs. The Taliban

A 14 year old school girl threatens the Taliban. Lessons from Malala Yousafzai’s incredible courage.

Simchat Torah: Just Show Up!

Experience the sheer joy of being Jewish and celebrate.

Making Rosh Hashanah Meaningful

It’s time to get out of your comfort zone.

Synagogue Dues

Can’t live with them. Can’t survive without them.

Do You Eat Kosher?

The surprisingly most common Jewish practice. Why?

Completing the Talmud

Why every Jew should come to the Siyum HaShas on Aug 1st.

Of Presidents and God

Are you comfortable with a President who prays?

The Truth about Divorce

Does every other marriage really end in divorce? Don't believe it.

War on Junk Food

Are Disney and Mayor Bloomberg out of line?

The Lockerbie Bomber

Prison compassion – justice or folly?

Looking for Eytan

After 33 years, should the investigation be re-opened?

The Seder: Why Bother?

What's the REAL reason you attend a Seder?

The Rabbi & the Vote

What role should a rabbi play in your life?

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