Advantages of Insomnia

A legacy from my mother – on her yahrzeit.

Online Dating & Jewish Marriage

Dating online is a great idea, but watch out.

Bar Mitzvah Gifts

What's the most appropriate gift to give a Bar Mitzvah boy?

Jew Vs. Jew

This is a despicable misrepresentation of our beloved Torah.

The Priest in a Synagogue

Is it an appropriate place for a speech?

How Much Do You Make?

Should you know how much non-profit directors make?

Cell Phone & Kids

At what age should your child own a cell phone?

Anti-Semetic Vodka Ads?

Yes, Jews are cheap, and proud of it.

Selling a Baby's Name

For $20,000 would you sell the right to name your baby?

One Lingering Question

Sometimes clarity comes from thinking the unthinkable.

Going Against Medical Advice

What to do when you disagree with your doctor.

Till 2013 Do We Part

Should marriage be declared temporary?

9/11 & Elul

Ten years later, is it true that nothing is the same?

Maggie Goes on a Diet

This book gives young kids a dangerous message.

The Great Bumper-Sticker Debate

Is it proper to brag about one's kids in public?

Gender Identification Test

Should fetus identification tests be allowed?

Maximize Your Vacation

Inject some purpose into your free time.

The Lap of Luxury

Should we be striving to live the high life?

Conspiracy Theory

My shocking encounter with German tourists at the Dead Sea.

The Great Cottage Cheese Victory

Look at what we can accomplish when we get together...

Reading the Other Side

Is it a good idea to read anti-Jewish or anti-Israel propaganda?

Why Weiner Should Resign

We need to make a clear statement that this behavior is unacceptable.

Too Fat to Fly

At what point do you draw the line?

The Tony Kushner Debate

Does ‘honor’ mean anything anymore?

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