Do you really have a mind of your own?

Passover's Essential Message

What's wrong with being a slave? The real reason God set us free.

Purim Destiny

You may not be headed where you think you're going.

The Power of Half

Got something you don’t really need?

I Know Best

Blogging doesn't make you an expert. Trust me, I know.

Theft at Auschwitz

The significance of stealing the Arbeit Macht Frei sign.

Greatest Jew of the Decade

In the last decade who has contributed the most to the Jewish people?

An Invitation To Dance

Simchat Torah: What's the big deal?

The Handshake

Refraining from shaking hands with the opposite sex: bias vs. belief

"Kick a Jew" Day

Don't sweep this under the rug.

E.T. and You

Judaism and intelligent life on other planets.

No laughing Matter

Some things you just don't joke about.

Making Time for God

Reevaluating our priorities this Rosh Hashana.

Parting with Prozac

Three 'natural' ways to reduce depression.

Purim Potential

How to take off your mask and show the real you. (2 min.)

Your Extra Hour

Imagine if we needed less sleep...


What swimming is really all about.

Who Wants to Be a Billionaire?

Someone just won $133 million. Wish it was you?

Throwing the Visitors Out

Who decides if a patient should have visitors?

The Seeds of Hatred

What really drives the four synagogue terrorists?

Unlock the Genius Within

Can anyone become a genius? New research reveals the secret.

9/11 REDUX

Lessons from the botched NYC photo op.

One People, One Land, One Snapshot

What single picture best encapsulates the miracle of Israel?

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