Does God Care who Wins a Sporting Event?

Yes He does. And here’s why…

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(4) JB Destiny, July 16, 2015 7:33 PM

Rabbi Sacks

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks: "George Carey had just been chosen as Archbishop of Canterbury, and I’d just been elected Chief Rabbi, when someone discovered that we had one major passion in common. We were both great Arsenal fans. So he wondered whether we might like to have our first ecumenical gathering in his box at Highbury stadium, then Arsenal’s home ground: a midweek match for obvious religious reasons.

We both enthusiastically agreed, and the great night came. Before the start of the match we were taken out onto the sacred turf itself where we presented a cheque to charity. The public address system announced who we were, and you could hear the buzz go around the ground. Whichever way you played the theological wager, that night Arsenal had friends in high places. They could not possibly lose.

That night Arsenal went down to their worst home defeat in more than sixty years. They lost 6-2 to Manchester United. The next day a national newspaper reported the story and said, if the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Chief Rabbi between them can’t bring about a win for Arsenal, does this not finally prove that God does not exist?

My reply was simple. I said, to the contrary. It proves that God exists. It’s just that he supports Manchester United."

(3) David, July 16, 2015 3:47 PM

Not sure where God fits in to this...

What does it mean that God plays a role? If I still have to be in shape and play hard, then what, exactly, is God doing? Moreover, if we give God a role in things that are (relatively) trivial, then we must certainly allow Him a role in bigger stuff-- like when people die in fires and earthquakes, or when they're murdered. This is a problem for me-- I can excuse a God who gets out of the way and lets us run things according to our will and our efforts, but I really can't love a God who plays a role in having ISIS run amok in the Middle East, or who plays a role in the Holocaust.

(2) Anonymous, July 13, 2015 6:22 PM

I prayed!

I prayed at my son's championship hockey game & his team won!!
First I said thank you to GD for giving my son athletic ability and to the fact that his hockey coach instills sportsmanship ( AKA good middot) in the players! Then I started to say tehillim, which luckily I had on my iPhone!

(1) Sidney, July 13, 2015 12:07 AM

As a youngster Yes; now No

As a youngster of course I prayed for my team (Brooklyn Dodgers) and when I felt betrayed by O"Malley's move to LA I adopted the previously hated Yankees.
But Pray now for any team even if I would like them to win? No Way!
Since I have only a finite time for the beseeching part of prayer (baqashot(h) in Hebrew), am I going to waste it on sports teams?
What about family and acquaintances health issues?
What about the Jewish people's enemies around the world and especially in the Middle East?
What about Parnasah (livelihood)?

Chaim Boruch, July 16, 2015 7:46 PM

Prayer is not like ammunition

BS"D. When we pray for something it's not like we are using bullets and we run out of it after a while, prayer can be used infinite amount of times from the smallest problem to the biggest and still be answered the same way, god is not like humans who can only do a certain amount of favors, as a matter of fact god wants us to pray for everything that goes on in our lives even its just a sporting event.

I hope I helped.


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