Taking a Sick Day when You’re Ok

A solution to the ethical dilemma

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(4) Anonymous, November 1, 2015 7:47 PM

Lack of Integrity and Loyalty

I think sick time when one is not really sick, will always be an issue. If the employee is a responsible person, he/she will abide by the company's guidelines and not abuse the privilege of sick time off, unless he/she is truly sick. If the person is not sick and falsely claims to be sick just to take the day off, that person is fooling him/herself, as people will lose respect for his/her lies. Interestingly, two months ago, one of my daughter's colleagues at work, called in sick and told his boss, he could not go to work as he was so extremely sick of his stomach, and was going to the doctor. The owner of the company needed to take some out of town clients for a meal and took them to the the west side that very day to eat at one of the Piers. When she passed some area around the Pier, the first person she saw making line to go into the intrepid was the very employee, who was supposed to be out sick. The employer didn't lose her cool and only said hello to him. In contrast, the employee did not know how to act or what to say. He was in obvious disbelief. So far away from work and he was so easily caught on his lies. How embarrassing that is. He was dishonest and disloyal to the company that helps him bring bread to his family table. His action would be considered as if stealing. Of course he was not paid for the sick day, and is still about to lose his job because of other unrelated things the company discovered about him. Hashem tells us to choose life, but some people rather indulge in what is wrong. Lies will show at some points after you use it. Choose life, and your integrity will always show at every step of your way. We may want to make every concerted effort to maintain it. Thank you very much Rabbi Salomon for engaging us in an interesting topic. God bless you and your family.

(3) LarryB, October 24, 2015 7:01 PM


Most companies policy's give you 6 paid sick leave days. Some call it personal time off and is included with vcation, holidays and birthdays. the law in California as of this year is 3 days minimum. I have never worked for a company that gave less than6 days. The employee package explains what is part of your pay/benefit. Because it is included this has always meant to me that I can take it or not. It's part of my package. My sons employer did not until this year. They wouldn't fire him but he was not offered any days with pay. I have gone to work sick as a dog many time because there was no one in town to cover for me and they would have to send some one from over a hundred miles away. Yes, I take sick leave when I decide. I come from a home with close ties to unions.

(2) M gutman, October 22, 2015 3:32 PM

What if we think our child needs a day off from school?

If children see parents abusing the sick day rule,what are we teaching them about work ethics?

(1) Anonymous, October 20, 2015 10:22 AM

"I haven't used up my sick days...I'm calling in sick tomorrow"

Our CEO overheard this comment in an elevator on his way to our meeting. The employee did not recognize him. He relayed the tale to a packed meeting room with the comment "You want to hear how I started my day?" As a result, the company altered sick day policy with strict MD documentation required. Many employees with legitimate illness symptoms came to work sharing their real sickness with the rest of us. I think this is a moral issue not subject to "interpretation." If you misuse a sick day, you are guilty of fraud and deception and theft of time from your employer. If you need special time and you've used up your designated vacation days, there's nothing wrong with asking your employer for the extra time and offering to make it up.

Miriam Rudnick, October 25, 2015 7:27 PM

MD Documentation

The problem with requiring documentation from a doctor for any sick days used is that not all illnesses require a doctor's visit. Should I be forced to spend money and waste my doctor's time on something she can't really do anything about other than tell me that the illness must run it's course? That is also not reasonable.


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