How Do I Stop a Harmful Habit?

How can someone change a habit or their thought process?

Cross-Dressing Kid?

What should I do about my little sister who likes to wear men’s clothing?

Q&A for Teens: Lousy Teacher

I hate one of my teachers. What should I do?

Q&A for Teens: Depressed and All My Fault

The key to your healing is: “I am a worthy creation simply because God created me.”

Q&A for Teens: Create More Good

The best way to fight meanness and evil.

Q&A for Teens: Grandpa in Decline

My grandfather used to be so strong and vigorous, but now he’s slowing down and I’m scared.

Q&A for Teens: Overwhelmed!

Help! There's just too much to do in a day!

Q&A for Teens: Cliques

I hate the tension and conflict that exists between these two groups in my school.

Q&A for Teens: My Disparaging Mother

My mother doesn’t accept me for who I am.

Q and A for Teens: Afraid to Enjoy the Joy

I have a good life, but I’m afraid something bad is going to happen.

Q&A for Teens: Not Enough Money

We don’t have as much money as the neighbors and it’s embarrassing.

Q&A for Teens: Should I Conform?

All the popular kids are one way and I’m another. Should I change myself to be like them?

Q&A for Teens: Special Soul, Special Brother

My mother just had a baby, and we found out he has Down’s Syndrome. I keep crying and crying.

Q&A for Teens: College-Bound

I’m going to college and I don’t know anyone there. How will I find my place?

Q&A for Teens: Lazy and Unmotivated

A lesson in alacrity from the Japanese.

Q&A for Teens: Homesick at Camp

I want to go to sleep-away camp, but I know I’ll be homesick!

Q & A for Teens: Exam Anxiety

I’m so stressed and afraid I’m going to get bad grades!

Q&A for Teens: Nobody Loves Me

I don’t trust people. I think everyone hates me. Can you help me?

Q&A for Teens: People Connection

With a few precious minutes, you can change a kid’s life.

Q&A for Teens: Having a Boyfriend

Is there something wrong with dating before being ready to marry?

Q&A for Teens: Our Efforts Vs. God’s Will

Maybe God’s plan would have been different if I had acted differently?

Q&A for Teens: Sister with Psychosis

My sister has delusional disorder. What can I do?

Q & A for Teens: Dating Jewish?

I’m really attracted to a boy in my class, but he’s not Jewish.

Q and A for Teens: Assimilation & Public High School

How can I keep myself from assimilating?

Q&A for Teens: God’s Plan Vs. My Plan

Help! My family is moving and I don’t want to.

Q & A for Teens: Strangers Among Us

Kids in my class are acting racist and I feel powerless.

Q&A for Teens: Teens & Respect

Practical advice for parents and teenagers to feel respected by each other.

Q & A for Teens: Mom, You Talk Too Much

My teenaged son says I talk too much. How do I know if he’s right?

Q&A for Teens: Bullying Revisited

A kid in my class is being mean to me. What should I do?

Q & A for Teens: Can’t Talk

Help! Something's really bothering me but I just can't get myself to talk!

Q&A for Teens: Weight Obsession

My family’s obsession with my weight is ruining my life. But why do I let their words get to me?

Q&A for Teens: I Want to be ME

How can I always be true to who I am no matter who is around me?

Q&A for Teens: Disconnected Jew

I don’t feel a spiritual connection with God or the Jewish community. How do I start feeling that I belong?

Q&A for Teens: The Only Observant Jew

I’m the only observant Jew in my community, my family, and my school, and I feel so alone.

Q&A for Teens: You Can Forgive

Forgiving someone means you’re not going to allow your anger against them to hurt you anymore.

Q&A for Teens: New School Nerves

I’m starting a new school and I’m freaking out!

Q&A for Teens: Stop Staring at Me

People always stare at me because I’m beautiful and I hate it.

Q&A for Teens: Resilience

My scary question: Am I damaged beyond repair?

Q&A for Teens: How Can I Change My Friend?

My friend has changed drastically and I don’t know how to handle it.

Q&A for Teens: No Friends

How to cope with loneliness.

Q&A for Teens: I Want an iPhone

Many people these days are suffering from “I-deserve-it-It’s-coming-to-me”-itis.

Q&A for Teens: I Don’t Measure Up

I’m not really good at anything and I don’t think there’s anything to do about it.

Q&A for Teens: Dumbing Myself Down

To fit in with my friends, I speak in a way that makes me sound dumber than I really am.

Q&A for Teens: Emotional Abuse

Your mother is emotionally abusing you. Get out, to a healthy, safe place where you can love and be loved.

Q&A for Teens: Cutting

When I’m stressed, I peel off skin. Is it bad that I do this to myself?

Q&A For Teens: I’m So Stupid

An email exchange with a struggling teen.

Q&A for Teens: How to Cope with Parents’ Divorce

Advice to a teen whose parents just got divorced.

Q&A for Teens: I’m Being Bullied

What should I do? And why are kids so mean?

Q& A for Teens: Too Thin

I’m 13 and hate the way I look.

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