A Jewish Perspective on the Feminine

A fascinating analysis of Judaism’s perspective on the nature of the masculine and feminine.

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(3) Bracha, January 11, 2018 10:37 PM

Thank you for this video. I loved it! It contains an extremely important message for us in today’s world.

(2) Anonymous, January 11, 2018 5:39 PM

Well Said

Excellent presentation, and a great contribution to help improve a manly world.

(1) Daniel Baral, January 10, 2018 4:34 PM

This too is contrary to Torah.

The idea that the approach taught to us by Chazal as being particularly "feminine" is ridiculous and quite frankly sickening. That which is taught by Chazal, mostly male by the way, is not male or female. A real understanding of Zohar would help. However, these references in Zohar to male vs. female need to be understood in context and correctly. These expressions in Zohar which are meant to ASSIST one in greater understanding, do not necessarily cast HaShem into a male role when HaShem gives or be’nei adam as female when we receive His Shefah, just a single small example. To state that developing a relationship with HaShem is an exercise in rejecting the "western masculine tendency," add here the term, "toxic male” as expressed by feminists, because that IS the real meaning here, and embracing an alternative new Jewishized feminism construct (oh no, not another!), also an antithesis to Torah, is mixing “toxic feminism,” another Western-American and European construct, into Torah with poorly chosen and entirely misunderstood references to Zohar by those who have not learned or have miss-learned Gemara/Torah which is a gross mischaracterization. To then stand back from yet another new foreign "construction" and proudly declare it as a feminine superiority is a rejection of Torah and tainting of the pure with the sitra ochrah. The crime in this type of video is that many will accept the simple platitudes as truth rather than the poisoning of the well it truly is. To take a new simplified Jewishized feminism construct using poorly understood references and label it as the ultimate in human form is contrary to Torah. My suggestion: Work on your relationship with HaShem and worry not if it is feminine or masculine and seek guidance; learn Torah under a true mentor; do not make public declarations, generalizations or simplifications or try to invent new constructs foreign to Torah; do not use Zohar to justify/invent yet a new feminist construction

Isahiah62, January 10, 2018 10:37 PM

Thanks I had same reaction

saved me some typing- I think balance is a better idea. And I also cannot go along with her theories that these qualities have a gender. I will go one step more to say this is a very USA DEM Lefty view, where all things manly or male are not considered evil, bad, patriarchy, oppressive etc. Our poor boys and men under constant accusations and reprimands for being men. (I am a female BTW) . And the feminisation of men is not an improvement nor is the masculinisation of women. Each gender have a role and a place, good and bad in all of us. Balance best worked out between the two people affected according to talent and abilities, personality. These ideas merely confuse and demonize. Very judgemental but understandable coming from a so called gender expert.


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