Dating Advice #206 - Married Students

Will the emotional and financial demands of marriage preclude completing her education?

Referrals for Dating

How to adapt a successful business strategy for the purpose of finding your soul mate.

Dating Advice #205 - Monster Fights

She's wondering if married life will be marred by her recurrent emotional explosions.

Dating Advice #204 - Orientation Shift

Recent dating experience has matured him. But has it made him ready for marriage?

Dating Advice #202 - The Exclusive Step

What's the best way to find out if things are headed toward marriage, and not a dead end?

13 Steps to Harmonious Relationships

The essential qualities to look for in a soul mate, and to nurture in oneself.

Dating Advice #200 - Spinning Wheels

He claims not to feel "oohs and ahhs that rock the soul." Should she keep pushing?

Dating Advice #199 - No Surprises!

When spouse-hunting, how to ensure that what you see is what you get.

Single Minded

Why aren't we all matchmakers?

Dating Advice #197 - The Working Wife?

In her family, the man was always the bread-winner. Should she insist on the same?

The Quickie Divorce

Some people avoid marriage due to the likelihood of divorce. Here's how to reverse the trend.

Dating Survival Guide

A brief guide on finding the right relationship, keeping a proper perspective and remaining optimistic throughout a sometimes grueling process.

Dating Advice #193 - Round and Round

After seven years of constant break-ups, she's wondering whether to give it another chance.

Dating Advice #192 - Six Strikes

She suspects he may not be faithful. Are six previous marriages any clue?

Dating Advice #191 - The Negative Mantra

She lived through her parents' bitter divorce. Now she's wondering if any man can be trusted.

Dating Advice #190 - Eternal Limbo?

Everything was going great, until it came time for him to pop the question.

Dating Advice #187 - Soul Mate Split

After years of happy marriage, he announces: "You're not my soul mate."

Dating Advice #184 - Platonic Dead-End

He says she's the greatest woman in the world -- but he ain't getting' married!

Seeing God in Your Rearview Mirror

Like many singles, I poured my heart out to God, tried to have faith, and waited… and waited. Surely, God would reward me for all my dedication and hard work, right?

Dating Advice #183 - Checkin' Him Out

A process of pre-screening your dates can save you lots of time, effort and heart-ache.

Dating Advice #182 - Dating Overdose

Her emotions are on short circuit. Can anything save this couple's future?

Dating Advice #181 - Growing Up

How to jump-start the engines -- when you want to get married but don't feel emotionally ready.

The Dating Guy: The Wedding Day (3 of 3)

A play-by-play description of the happiest day of my life.

Dating Advice #180 - Arctic Turn-Off

He can't understand why a woman wouldn't give up everything familiar to live in the deep cold.

The Dating Guy: Popping the Question (2 of 3)

After searching for my soul mate for so long, there was only one thing that I could do when I found her: propose. Not as easy as it sounds.

Dating Advice #179 - Masking the Real Fear

He says that marriage has to wait until his finances are in order. What will be the next excuse?

The Dating Guy: My Last Blind Date (1 of 3)

It's hard keeping your spirits up while going through the seemingly never-ending journey of dating. But don't panic - your soul mate is out there.

A House of Matches

In Jerusalem you can feel the very trees conspiring to marry off its inhabitants.

Dating Advice # 177: Perilous Dating Pattern

She does high-intensity dating for a few months, followed by a break-up. What's causing the problem?

Dating Advice # 176: Red Light, Green Light

She decided that he's not the man of her dreams. And now she's reconsidering.

Dating Advice # 175: Single Parent Constraints

With all the demands of work and parenting, should he put off dating until the kids go to college?

Dating Advice # 171: The Man with the Tight Fist

She's resentful that he doesn't buy her flowers or go to nice restaurants. Is there any hope for this?

Dating Advice #170 - Competing for Time

The groom still thinks that his best friend is his primary relationship. Guess again.

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