SpeedDating® Tip #4: Dressing for Dates - a Guiding Principle

Dressing attractively -- not to attract -- is an essential ingredient to finding your lifelong spouse.

Dating Advice #160 - The Blended Family Challenge

They're headed for marriage, but her children and his children are not cooperating.

Dating Advice #159 - Time to Move On

After a broken engagement, he has built a new live for himself. She's stuck.

Dating Advice #158 - The Negative Role Models

With parents fighting all the time, she's not sure a happy marriage is possible.

Dating Advice #155 - Exclusivity Quotient

The first time around, he wouldn't commit to marriage. Has anything changed?

I'll Love You... Soon

The love between husband and wife is not automatic. Building a great marriage requires effort.

Still Life with Married Friends

It's not easy to watch friends get married, but part of being a good friend is letting them go.

Seven Ways to Find Your Jewish Soul Mate

Some time-tested tips to making it happen -- soon.

Dating Advice #149 - Stuck at Home

Her failure to individuate is preventing her separating from her parents.

In the Suburbs of Hope

Not everyone is really hoping to find Mr. Right.

Dating Advice #148 - Intimate Conclusions

The search for a match who has refrained from physical intimacy before marriage.

Dating Advice #147 - Confronting the Fear

Is a brief encounter with childhood abandonment holding him back from a total relationship?

Dating Advice #146 - Online Profile Puzzle

They've been dating steadily, but the website still lists them as 'available.'

Dating Advice #144 - The Great Social Divide

Her family is impoverished; his is upper-crust. Can they survive the battle of the in-laws?

Dating Advice #143 - Merging Assets

She's getting remarried and wants to know how to handle her private assets.

Dating Advice #142 - Laid-Back Approach

For years he played it cool. Now things are heating up and he doesn't know how to handle it.

Dating Advice #141 - A Convert's Family Ties

He wants to avoid meeting with the non-Jewish in-laws. She can't live without it.

The Genetics of Dating

After five years of dating, I had met the man who was everything I was waiting for. And then the phone rang...

Change Your Dating Reality

If you genuinely believe you'll get married, spiritual forces can change to bring it about.

Dating Advice #138 - The Unmarriageable Syndrome

He thought their engagement was just around the corner. But suddenly she dumped him.

Dating Advice #136 - Networking for Marriage

Finding the right one: A-to-Z guide for picking the needle out of the haystack.

Dating Advice #134 - Dating Mentor

How the participation of a third party can help facilitate one's getting to the chuppah.

Hopeful and Hopeless Relationships

How do we know when to hang on and when to let go?

Dating Advice #130 - Genetic Risk

Marriage within the Jewish community has some genetic risks. Pre-testing is the answer.

Does Love Conquer All?

What is the missing ingredient in so many marriages that end in divorce?

Dating Advice #129 - Setting the Pace

Many people can't process the emotional data generated by too-frequent dating.

Dating Advice #128 - Late Start

She's never dated seriously, and worries that this 'lack of experience' will hurt her down the road.

Dating Sabotage

Three common dating mistakes that can be fatal to a life-long relationship.

Dating Advice # 127 - Chronic Decision

She met a great guy, but his medical history has her worried. How should she weigh her emotions against the practicalities?

Dating Advice #125 - Historical Cover-Up

She's moved beyond past mistakes, but feels guilty for not 'telling all' to her potential husband.

Dating Advice #124 - Engagement Panic

She's engaged and enduring daily anxiety attacks. Is there a way to get to the chuppah without totally losing her mind?

Dating Advice #123 - Getting the Guy to Budge

She finds that older singles are socially awkward and commitment-phobes. Is there a solution?

Dating Advice #122 - Full Disclosure

Two letters regarding the best time and place to discuss a sensitive medical condition.

Dating Advice #121 - Under Mom and Dad's Thumb

Her parents monitor her phone calls and scrutinize her dates. What's the chance of a successful courtship?

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