Dating Advice #64 - Spiritual Chasm

She's leaning toward traditional Jewish practice. He's an atheist. Is there hope for them together?

Dating Advice #63 - Fear of Abandonment

He's afraid that she'll stop dating him. What's the psychology behind this fear -- and how can he fix it?

Dating Advice #61 - Missing the 'Goodbye' Word

She has two guys on her mind. One of them never calls. Should she take that as a hint?

Dating Advice #60 - Struck Out Again!

He pushed hard for a breakthrough, but she backed off. The pattern repeats. Now he's burned out.

Dating Advice #59 - Revealing the Painful Past

There's a lot lurking beneath the surface. The big question is: When do I let it all out?

Dating Advice #57 - Troubling Behavior

Anger, flirting, irresponsibility. The warning signs are fast and furious. But she still wants to hang in there.

Dating Advice #56 - Divorce Details

When dating a divorcee, how and when do you get details on the failed prior marriage?

Dating Advice #55 - Double Dating

Juggling multiple dating partners is tricky business. But is it ethical?

Dating Advice #54 - Over-40 Blues

She wants to marry a Jewish guy, but at this stage of frustration has turned to the Christian dating scene. Is something wrong here?

Dating Advice #53 - Unraveling the Past

The pattern is not a good one. It stretches back to childhood. How does she climb out of this hole?

Dating Advice #52 - Flip-Flopped Dating Life

When she pursues, they run away. And when she's not interested, they fawn. Has someone got this backwards?

Dating Advice #51 - Building the Emotional Investment Portfolio

These newlyweds are trying to build emotional intensity. Do they have the same needs? How is it done?

Dating Advice #50 - High School Hangover

The pickin's are slim enough as it is. And now that someone's finally interesting, her friend is giving her a guilt trip.

Dating Advice #49 - What's Wrong, Doc?

His poor track record leaves him wondering: Is there something fundamentally wrong? Therapy seems to be the answer.

Dating Advice #48 - Blind Date Etiquette

He's tired of expensive dinners that lead nowhere. For the first date, isn't there a better way?

Dating Advice #47 - Five Year Span

Things are going great, but there's a 5-year age difference. So what's the big deal?

Dating Advice #46 - First Date Jitters

On paper, he's a great guy. But he can't seem to break into the world of dating. What's the problem?

Dating Advice #45 - Too Much Tension

He's working 80 hours a week, and it shows on his face. No wonder he's having trouble meeting the right woman.

Dating Advice #44 - Ready to Give Up

After so many rejections, he's basically given up hope of finding his match. Is there any way out of this rut?

Dating Advice #43 - Wasting My Time?

He's stuck, and she wants to get on with life. What gauge should she use to know when it's time to move on?

Dating Advice #42 - Over-Weight Date

She's overweight, feeling rejected, and is ready to give up the singles scene altogether. Is there a solution to this dating dilemma?

Dating Advice #41 - Conversation Freeze-Up

Dating chit-chat is not his strong point. How do you generate good talk when the mouth runs dry?

Dating Advice #39 - Coping With Anger

He's got a short fuse. What will it take to make this relationship work?

Dating Advice #38 - Break-Up Methodology

Sometimes you gotta say "bye-bye." But how do you do it without making the other person feel bad?

Dating Advice #37 - Long Distance Love

He wants to keep it going, but the distance seems too vast to overcome. Here's some handy tips.

Dating Advice #36 - Upper Demographics

He's not so young anymore, and he wants to know: Have the rules of the dating game changed?

Dating Advice #35 - The Right One?

What is your checklist for the "right one?" Our experts help pare your list down to something realistic.

Dating Advice #34 - Physical Barrier

Dating is so much of an emotional activity. But what happens when physical limitations come into play?

Dating Advice #33 - Overcoming Fears

Something's holding her back. Before she gets married, she'll have to get to the heart of the matter.

Dating Advice #32 - In-Laws and Outlaws

Keeping the in-laws happy is one key to a happy marriage -- especially when cultural differences come into play.

Dating Advice #31 - The Conversion Route

It's an inter-religious mix along with a platonic-romantic twist. She broke it off -- but is having second thoughts.

Dating Advice #30 - Mixed Signals

He's already taken her to meet the family. But on the other hand, he's disappeared abroad for months on end. What's the scoop?

Dating Advice #29 - Dating Vacation

She's burned out and needs a break. Rather than wallowing in depression, what can she do to make it "productive down-time?"

Dating Advice #28 - Baffled By The Silence

Her need to talk has him turned off. What strategic error has she made? And how can she correct it -- before it's too late?!

Dating Advice #27 - Is Kindness the Key?

When formulating a checklist of what to look for in a partner, is the one quality of "kindness" enough?

Dating Advice #24 - Professional Wife

Being married, and being a mother, are serious responsibilities. Is there room for a legal career as well?

Dating Advice #21 - Transition Time

She's recently divorced, but is eager to start dating. Should she jump in? Or is there another step that comes first?

Dating Advice #20 - Conversational Concerns

Some people have a way with words, and others... have no way. Here's how to have a great date either way!

Dating Maze #19 - Coming Across Cold

On paper, she seems like the ideal date. But she never gets asked out again. Is there some icy chill in her demeanor?

Dating Advice #18 - Will He Commit?

He has a bad track record. She wants a commitment. Should she hang in there, or is she wasting her time?

Dating Advice #17 - Bridging The Gap

Between the age difference, cultural difference, educational backgrounds, and geographic distance -- can they make it work?

Dating Advice #16 - Finding The Right Pace

He wants to talk, she wants a break. He feels put off, she feels choked. How will our experts sort this one out?

Dating Advice #14 - Intermarriage Issues

Oh, no. The folks are hassling her again. What's the big deal about finding a Jewish partner anyway?!

Dating Advice #13 - Too Close Too Fast?

He wants to make her the focus of his every waking moment. She wants to let things develop over time. Which is the right way?

Dating Advice #12 - Financial Decisions

"I like him, but does he know how to manage his money? And will I get stuck holding the bag?" Our advice team gives the word.

Dating Advice #10 - Telephone Blues

If the answering machine doesn't pick up, it's time to get the message: Trying to build a relationship on the phone may be too much of a barrier.

Dating Advice #9 - On the Rebound

After a tough break-up, how do we heal ourselves, pick up the pieces, and move on to the next, productive stage of life?

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