Private Pain, Public Remarks

Why do people think my private dating life is up for public discussion?

The Cruel Dating Game

As a community, our dating attitudes need to change.

Dating Maze #292 - Quick Start

Their early meetings sizzled, but now he's cool. What's the message?

Another Break Up

Here I am again, after a very disappointing break up, trying to understand what God wants from me.

Dating Maze #289 - The Impulse Shopper

They have vastly different approaches to spending money. Can they coexist?

Single and Productive

Marriage is not life's only objective.

Dating maze #285 - Tribal Identity

She has little attachment to her Jewish roots. Is this a deal-breaker?

Dating maze #284 - Mother Interference

My daughter's relationship is stuck. What's the boundary between helping and interfering?

Dating maze #282 - The Surprise Wife

After carrying on a lengthy correspondence, she's shocked to find out that he's married.

Dating maze #281 - Negative Father Image

She never respected her father, and now has trouble respecting all men. Help!

Can This Engagement Be Saved?

After getting engaged, I changed from a confident young woman to a depressed, emotional basket-case.

Dating Advice #275 - Sister's Mistake

She believes her sister is too immature for marriage. Should she try to stop it?

Dating Advice #274 - Breaking Away

She feels stuck taking care of aging parents. Can she make a life of her own?

Dating Advice #273 - Highly Inexperienced

At age 36 he's just breaking out of his social shell. Is he doomed to dating failure?

Love & Relationships

Generation Y talks about love in this 5 minute video by

Dating maze #266 - Digging Deeper

They have fun together, but it's not progressing past superficiality.

Dating maze #265 - European Investment

Easy international travel and communication increases the chances of a long-distance courtship.

Dating maze #264 - Ready to Give Up

He wants to meet someone Jewish, but it's been five years of trying with no luck.

Meeting Mr. Perfect

What do you say to the man of your dreams?

Dating Maze #263 - Worry - Free Dating

She wants to fall head-over-heels in love, but this courtship process is taking so much time!

Dating Maze #262 - Friendly Intervention

She's concerned that her engaged friend is headed for a troubled marriage. Should she try to stop it?

Dating Maze #260 - Warm-up Exercise

She's serious about finding a husband, and using the Internet to test the waters.

Dating Maze #259 - A Father's Secret

As a widower, he hasn't yet told his children that he's dating again. Is he playing with fire?

Dating Maze #258 - Almost the One

While all her friends and relatives are married with kids, she's still searching.

How to Get Married After 35

Helena Rosenberg wants us to bring the same passion and tenacity that we bring to business to finding a marriage partner.

Dating Maze #255 -Ruddlerless

She's under pressure to get married, but this guy lacks confidence and direction.

Taking Matchmaking to New Levels

Addressing the growing singles challenge requires more than setting up introductions. We need to present one person to another.

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