Dating Maze #324: The One who Got Away

She waited for the call from Prince Charming – but he picked someone else.

Dating Maze #323: Expense Anxiety

Caterer, photographer, engagement ring. Who’s going to pay for it all?

Dating Maze #321: New Jew Blues

Now that she’s part of the Jewish people, where are all the guys?

Advice for Older Single Guys

Eight dating tips from a guy who's been there.

Dating Advice #248 - Happily Single

All her friends are getting married, but she likes her life just the way it is.

Dating Advice #249 - Interrupted Courtship

Geographic restrictions have meant the fire has not caught on. A cause for concern?

Dating Maze #315: The Shunned Bride

As she walks down the aisle, will the mother-in-law be throwing rotten tomatoes?

Confessions of an Older Single

Four key issues that hold us back from getting married.

Top 10 Dating Myths

Like urban legends, they sound reasonable. But they're not.

Dating Maze #307: What About the Matchmaker?

She’s the expert at matching up her friends. But who’s taking care of her?

True Romance

I knew exactly how I was supposed to feel about the man I'd marry. Until the day I met him.

The Infatuation Trap

How many times do you want to get married? Pointers on how to get it right the first time.

Dating Maze #304: We Have Concerns

I see his raw qualities; everyone else is saying he's wrong for me. What should I do?

Dating Maze #302: The Nice Guy

What can I do to make girls more attracted to me?

DATING MAZE #301: Looking Over the Shoulder

If I commit to this man, I'm closing the door on all other possible relationships, including my old high school flame.

Dating Maze #300: Reaching a Plateau

He’s growing Jewishly and his life is in flux. Does that rule out dating for marriage?

DATING MAZE #299: Under Pressure

He’s ready, she’s not. How to say “wait” without sounding alarm bells.

Dating Maze #297 - Rough Edges

He comes from a lower-class background. Will she be able to accept and respect him?

Keeping the Hope Alive

I won't let the sadness of not having a husband and kids take over my life.


How to really find your soul mate.

DATING MAZE #295: The Long Wait

Surviving the phenomenon of “we want to get married, but not now.”

Private Pain, Public Remarks

Why do people think my private dating life is up for public discussion?

The Cruel Dating Game

As a community, our dating attitudes need to change.

Dating Maze #292 - Quick Start

Their early meetings sizzled, but now he's cool. What's the message?

Another Break Up

Here I am again, after a very disappointing break up, trying to understand what God wants from me.

Dating Maze #289 - The Impulse Shopper

They have vastly different approaches to spending money. Can they coexist?

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