Still Not Married

Older singles in the shidduch crisis.

Dating Maze #243 - E-Friend Fiasco

When her marriage went dry, she went looking online. And then the trouble really started.

JDate Rehab

How I went from being a JDate addict to a loyal husband.

Dating Maze #242 - Unproductive Patterns

Whenever a relationship should be turning serious, she hits a brick wall.

The Single Sock

After a spin in life's dryer there's more to singles than their missing pair.

Dating Maze #241 - Intellectual Inequality

Can she build a life with a man who is not providing intellectual stimulation?

Emotionally Fried… & Single

A less emotional and more practical approach to dating may yield great results.

Dating Maze #238 - Stuck on Him

Months after break-up, this guy is still at the forefront of her emotional thoughts.

Season of Isolation

Being single shouldn't mean being lonely at the holiest time of year

Dating Maze #234 - Marriage Avoidance Syndrome

She's not willing to join her many friends that are getting hitched. What to do?

Dating Maze #230 - 8 Rules for the Next Date

Whether you want to have another date with her, or not, here's how to do it.

Dating Maze #228 - Work it Out Later?

They can't reach a basic lifestyle agreement. Will love solve everything?

The Pickiness Factor

The greatest antidote to being picky is clarity.

Experience, Don't Categorize

Getting past the superficial and experiencing another person.

Dating Maze #222 - Getting on with Life

She's stuck on a man who's headed for a dead end. Should she join him down that road?

Dating Maze #221 - Help! Part Two

Here we go again: He patiently goes through the courtship process, and then things get stuck.

Dating Maze #220 - Long Distance Break-Up

After a few months of distance dating, she's hesitant to end things on the phone.

The Bad Matchmaker

I resolved to make one match a week, for one year. After all, even a broken clock is right twice a day. How wrong I was.

Dating Maze #218 - Second Wife Scenario

She guided him through mourning over his first wife. Can she now switch to a romantic role?

The Runaway Date

He was ready to take the plunge, but I was afraid of the water.

Dating Maze #217 - Bickering In-Laws

His family is argumentative, arrogant and controlling. Should she be worried?

Dating Advice #216 - Adjustment Period

With some new changes in lifestyle, she needs to take a break to re-orient her philosophy of dating.

Dating Advice #214 - Ultimatum!

After three years of waiting for him to propose, her patience has run out.

He's the One

Like magic, there was that instant comfort that you hear married couples talk about. I went home. I got sick to my stomach. And I decided he was the one.

It's Never Too Late

After 15 years of dating for marriage, I hit the jackpot in a most unexpected way.

Dating Advice #209 - Time Out

They seem headed for marriage, but what they need now is a 6-month break.

The Break Up

He was trying his hardest, but still couldn't commit. How do you know when to call it quits?

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