Dating Maze #252 -Length of Courtship

The pressure to become engaged can cause an unhappy marriage, or an unnecessary break-up.

Dating Maze #251 -Pre-Marital Counseling

They've been arguing the past six years, and now their wedding is coming up. Help!

Dating Maze #250 - Something Is Off

He's tied up with graduate school and her emotional needs aren't being met. Conflict!

Dating Advice #249 - Interrupted Courtship

Geographic restrictions have meant the fire has not caught on. A cause for concern?

Dating Advice #248 - Happily Single

All her friends are getting married, but she likes her life just the way it is.

Dating Advice #247 - Magnetic Force

She's so crazy about him -- but unsure whether it's genuine or just infatuation.

Dating Maze #243 - E-Friend Fiasco

When her marriage went dry, she went looking online. And then the trouble really started.

Dating Maze #242 - Unproductive Patterns

Whenever a relationship should be turning serious, she hits a brick wall.

Dating Maze #241 - Intellectual Inequality

Can she build a life with a man who is not providing intellectual stimulation?

Dating Maze #238 - Stuck on Him

Months after break-up, this guy is still at the forefront of her emotional thoughts.

Dating Maze #234 - Marriage Avoidance Syndrome

She's not willing to join her many friends that are getting hitched. What to do?

Dating Maze #230 - 8 Rules for the Next Date

Whether you want to have another date with her, or not, here's how to do it.

Dating Maze #228 - Work it Out Later?

They can't reach a basic lifestyle agreement. Will love solve everything?

Dating Maze #222 - Getting on with Life

She's stuck on a man who's headed for a dead end. Should she join him down that road?

Dating Maze #221 - Help! Part Two

Here we go again: He patiently goes through the courtship process, and then things get stuck.

Dating Maze #220 - Long Distance Break-Up

After a few months of distance dating, she's hesitant to end things on the phone.

Dating Maze #218 - Second Wife Scenario

She guided him through mourning over his first wife. Can she now switch to a romantic role?

Dating Maze #217 - Bickering In-Laws

His family is argumentative, arrogant and controlling. Should she be worried?

Dating Advice #216 - Adjustment Period

With some new changes in lifestyle, she needs to take a break to re-orient her philosophy of dating.

Dating Advice #214 - Ultimatum!

After three years of waiting for him to propose, her patience has run out.

Dating Advice #209 - Time Out

They seem headed for marriage, but what they need now is a 6-month break.

Dating Advice #206 - Married Students

Will the emotional and financial demands of marriage preclude completing her education?

Dating Advice #205 - Monster Fights

She's wondering if married life will be marred by her recurrent emotional explosions.

Dating Advice #204 - Orientation Shift

Recent dating experience has matured him. But has it made him ready for marriage?

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