Jessica #51 - Feeling Cheesy

Jessica's been dreading Beth and Aaron's engagement party, but finds herself enjoying it, with a creative twist.

Jessica #52 - Getting the Full View

Jessica's life takes a quick turn for the better. Is she ready?

Jessica #53 - Ethereal Surprise

Jessica's new job is great, but the marvelous mystery man is nowhere to be found.

Jessica #54 - The Great Baggage Balance

While anticipating his call, Jessica debates whether she wants to date someone with kids.

Jessica #55 - Relationship E.Q.

Jessica is dying to find out the story behind Joel and his 5-year-old daughter.

Jessica #56 - Romantic Reflections

Deep into Romantic musings, Jessica's disenchantment may be a sign of maturity.

Jessica #57 - Balancing Act

As Jessica moves forward, she doesn't want to leave her friends behind.

Jessica #58 - The Waiting Game

Jessica hears about intimacy from a guy's perspective.

Jessica #59 - Pieces of the Puzzle

Jessica tries to figure out what's insignificant, and what's a deal-breaker.

Jessica #60 - Home For The Holidays

Jessica's Seder was different this year: She brought Joel home to meet the folks.

Jessica #61 - Bush-Wacked

Jessica needs some coaching, and instead gets an earful and an eyeful ahead of schedule.

Jessica #62 - Rejected Rebound

Rick calls to talk, but Jessica has other things on her mind.

Jessica #63 - Straight from the Horse's Mouth

After months of guessing, Jessica finally hears Joel's gruesome divorce details.

Jessica #64 - Fast Forward

Emergency circumstances push the relationship into high gear.

Jessica #65 - Into the Crucible

An auto accident puts Jessica's dating agenda unexpectedly ahead of schedule.

Jessica #66 - Final Episode: Never-ending story

Jessica and Joel are coming down to the wire. What final surprises are in store?

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