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If you were to meet a great wise person, what would you ask him?
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(8) Judy R., February 22, 2019 4:22 AM

my question to a wise man

The age old question. Why do evil people have a good life and good people suffer and have a lot of problems. Also, if King Solomon was so wise why did he have so many women(that led him to worship idols). Why do the wrong people,have children and other people that would be good parents are childless. What is my life purpose? Why didn't get married when I was 18-26? I hope the wise person is into kabblah to ask him the mysteries of my life.

Anonymous, February 22, 2019 10:27 AM

maybe - part of the answer is ......

Judy - maybe - part of the answer is that - The evil people - present themselves as having - a good life - in materialism - and even hedonistically -and they're never satisfied. Yet - some fo the evil persons - suffer other spiritual tortures - they cannot understand - that are driving them.

Good people - who have problems - **may be suffering** - because G-D said: **He - would visit the sins of the fathers - onto the 3rd & 4th generation. And - that could be combined with - sins they've done - or are unaware of - that they've done**.
They need to seek out G-D - as He said in the Torah - (paraphrasing) - to pray about the sins of their fathers - and or theirs. Seek to do the Teshuvah - G-D said to do. So G-D - can help them - return to a blessed life.

Why did Solomon - have so many women? Because - he desired them. In the Torah - G-D - seemed to permit polygamy. However - Solomon - like us - didn't follow the tenets of G-D's Torah - and VETTE - what he was doing.

There are other questions - to ask - that - may help explain. Why go on more than - one date with a prospective spouse. WHY - do parents - want more than - one child? Why - do people move to a new house - when it's not necessary? Why - do those who divorce - get married again? Why - buy a newer car?

The list is almost - endless.

Instead - we should focus - on what is our relationship with G-D - in the here and now - and what are we doing wrong - and need to change.? And - ask G-D - how to use - the talents - skills - and abilities He gave us. And again - what can we do with - the here - and now?

(7) jerry, February 21, 2019 11:32 PM

If u were so smart,...I never would have been able to find you!

Gershom, February 22, 2019 10:04 AM

It's the truly humble - ......

Jerry - They - are always - not hard to find - those who openly are considered as wise - by those who consider them wise. And - in some cases - their ego - wants themselves - to be found.

It's harder to find - the truly humble - who are also wise.
Because - they don't advertise - nor seek out - the glory of recognition. Yet - their wisdom shines - in how the results - and accomplishments - of what they do - are recognized.

(6) Anonymous, February 21, 2019 7:46 PM

Is G-d real

I would ask why, against all reason , he has faith in G-d. And if he (she) does, why he thinks G-d has designed a world where all its living creatures MUST destroy/devour other living creatures in order to survive

Gershom, February 21, 2019 8:23 PM

I think the wise person would respond

Anonymous - If I understand you correctly - you're not referring to man destroying/devouring - man. For sure - G-D - did not create the world that way.
G-D - gave us - His Torah Laws and Commandments - to live by. As well as - the punishments we would receive - if - we refuse to do so.

So - I think the wise person would respond - How can we question - the way G-D - **who - in His infinite wisdom - created the world - and man**?
**Are we accusing G-D - of not being competent - when He created the universe**?

For whatever reason - He - planned it that way.
So - after the Mabul (the great flood) - G-D - said that: (Paraphrasing) - though we can eat the herbs - etc.. Now - any living creature that moves - can be eaten.
However - G-D said that: we cannot eat the blood.
G-D - MUST HAVE HAD A REASON - why He did this.

Later - when G-D gave the Torah Commandments and Laws - to the Jewish Nation People and Converts. He specifically required that - at certain times - like PESAH (Passover) - young lambs or goats - are to be eaten.

When we come before G-D - for forgiveness for sins. G-D told us to slaughter - sheep - goats - bulls - etc.. Which are then - presented to the Kohen (Priest). **In some cases - we are to eat of the sacrifice - and the Kohanim (Priests) - ARE REQUIRED - to eat of the sacrifices - that man brings - for forgiveness - or as a thanksgiving offering - for something - G-D - has done for them**.
He - G-D - must have had a reason for this.

He surely - wouldn't have us do something - that would harm us.

I think - **if we're going to honor G-D - we need to accept - without question - His way - and get on with fully keeping - ALL - G-D's Torah Commandments and Laws**.

(5) loreen, February 21, 2019 7:24 PM


I would ask:
How many mistakes have you made in life?
Wisdom is never repeating the same one's again.

Anonymous, February 21, 2019 7:49 PM

the word is ones ( plural) not one's (possessive)
Also, G-d doesn't make mistakes

(4) Lee Levitan, February 21, 2019 6:49 PM

Gender Bias

It would have been better to phrase the question as "If you were to meet a great wise person, what would you ask him or her?"

Gershom, February 21, 2019 7:53 PM

Traditionally - in the English language ......

Lee - Even though - there are those - who are now revising their bibles - to take - all gender references out. Please - let's not get accusations - and quarreling over gender bias started on the Aish site.
Traditionally - in the English language - it's proper - when not knowing the gender - that the use of "him" - is proper.

Also consider that - G-D - when "HE" - gave the Torah to Moshe - the male gender - is always used - when referring to "HIM".
So - are we then going to be accusing G-D - of gender bias?

(3) Grant Duffingr, February 21, 2019 5:07 PM

Path to peace and happiness

I believe the truths and foundational principles leading to peace and happiness are simple yet somewhat contrary to uninstructed human nature and are in fact hard to do. I would ask the wise person to share their personal experience and understanding of the basic truths and principles, and the best ways to implement them.

(2) Gershom, February 21, 2019 12:43 PM

To identify a wise person - ......

To identify a wise person - isn't just that simple. **The eye/mind of the beholder - here - is crucial**. As with - and in many situations - **the eye/mind of the beholder - determines - whether or not - one considers those they may admire - as worthy and wise - or which issue(s) - etc., - is and are important to discuss**. One should also be careful - NOT - to just accept someone as wise. JUST BECAUSE - lots of others - (who may not be well informed) - think that - that person - is so wise. As Souren Melikan said: “The greatest experts - are only as good as - the sum total - of what they have seen”. And as Soren Kierkegaard said: "There are two ways to be fooled: One - is to believe - what isn’t true. The other - is to refuse to believe - what is true”. So - They - the wise person(s) - need to be - VETTED - as wise. Historically - that has not been done - as often as need be.
Whom - I might consider as wise - on a given topic - or issue. Someone else - may consider them an ignoramus. An example is - just look at - the variety of religious denominations - and beliefs - from their - wise men. As well as - local - regional - and or national politics - in any nation - or on any issues. **I could choose/want to ask those - whom I believe are wise - and who will support my preconceived belief(s) - for answers - I want to hear - and have validated**. Even the reverse. I can ask the purported wise person - for an answer - I don't want to hear - so I can start - a potential raucous dialogue - and try - to prove my point(s).
Now - onto the question asked by Aish. I would start by asking that person: **what spiritual - mental - and emotional principles - have you learned. And that you employ - that have guided you - on the knowledge you have - about (X)**. I would evaluate and vette - their answers. So that - I can make a good spiritual - mental and emotional decision - as to whether - I - should employ their knowledge - toward my goal of serving G-D.

(1) Anonymous, February 21, 2019 10:21 AM

When meeting a great wise person then it would be fitting to ask for their mottos in life and the wisdom that guides them and what their near and dear used to always say or used to tell them. Thank you.


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