Yahrtzeit of Rabbi Yitzhak Alfasi (1013-1103), popularly know by the acronym, Rif. Alfasi was born in Morocco, and studied in Tunisia under the famed Rabbeinu Chananel. Alfasi ushered in the era of "Rishonim" (lit: the first ones), the important rabbinic period which culminated in the 16th century Code of Jewish Law. Rabbi Alfasi wrote Sefer HaHalachot, the first codification of talmudic law and a precursor to the great codes of Maimonides and Rabbi Yosef Karo. Alfasi served for 40 years as head of the Jewish community of Fez, Morocco. At age 75, two informers denounced him to the government on a spurious charge, and he moved to Spain. The most famous of his many students is Judah HaLevi, author of the Kuzari.