Yahrtzeit of Rabbi David Hirsch Frankel (1704-1762), rabbi of Berlin and author of a popular commentary on the Jerusalem Talmud, Korbon Ha'Eida. In the 4th century, due to conflict between the Roman Empire which controlled Israel, and the Parthian Empire which controlled Babylonia, there was limited contact between these two main Jewish communities, The Jerusalem Talmud was redacted in the year 350, and shortly thereafter the yeshivas in Israel were closed due to religious persecution and anarchy in the Late Roman Empire. A separate edition, the Babylonian Talmud, was more carefully edited, as Babylonian Jewry was outside the Roman Empire and thus not subject to the ongoing persecutions. The Babylonian Talmud is the edition most widely studied today. The Jerusalem Talmud is much shorter and more difficult to decipher, and it suffers from a dearth of authentic commentaries. For centuries, Rabbi Frankel's Korbon Ha'Eida has been an indispensable aid to students of the Jerusalem Talmud.