Yahrtzeit of Maimonides (1135-1204), also known as the Rambam (an acronym for his name, Rabbi Moses ben Maimon). Maimonides was born in Spain, but was forced to flee due to a radical Muslim regime that gave the Jews a choice of accepting Mohammed or leaving. Maimonides finally settled in Cairo, where in addition to leading the Jewish community, he was a top physician who served in the royal court of the Sultan of Egypt. Maimonides' magnum opus is Mishneh Torah, a comprehensive 14-volume code of Jewish law which has since been the subject of more than 300 commentaries. Maimonides' great philosophical treatise, Guide for the Perplexed, explains Jewish theology in light of Aristotelian philosophy and science. A popular saying is that "from Moses [of the Torah] to Moses [Maimonides], there has never been one like Moses." Maimonides is recognized today as the greatest medieval Jewish philosopher. He is buried in Tiberias, Israel.