Top Ten Gifts Every Wife Wants

This year give your wife the gift she really wants.

Cooking with Olive Oil

This Hanukkah celebrate the miracle of olive oil with these delicious, healthy dips.

Mom, Why Are We Alive?

Explaining the meaning of life to my son.

10 Habits to Build a Strong Marriage

10 habits every couple should practice to build a happy, enduring marriage

Hannukah Menu for Dinner

Instead of potato latkes, try these delectable dishes.

Why I Want a Large Family

The blessing of growing up in a home with many siblings.

The Greatest Marriage Therapist

What was the secret to Aaron’s success in restoring peace?


When you are living to eat.

Groggy Morning Emails

How my day got ruined by one annoying message.

Six Ways to Instill Perseverance

Helping kids keep on going, when the going gets tough.

Celebrating Birthdays

They are a powerful time for reflection.

Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

Pumpkin cream trifle, apricot-sage cornbread cookies, and other delicious recipes for which you’ll be grateful.

Divorce and Parenthood

Divorce is not always rational.

What to do with Shabbat Leftovers

How to transform your leftovers into a fresh, delicious meal.

In the Moment

We are too busy posing and snapping to just savor today.

Chocolate Heaven

In honor of National Chocolate Day, let’s celebrate this divine ingredient.

Helping Your Learning Disabled Child

Helping children with learning disabilities deal with their negative feelings about school.

Insidious Ads

This ad hurts us more than we think.

Parenting’s Dirty Secret

How to go from hyper-parenting to calm-parenting.

Understanding Your Introverted Child

How to stop power struggles, genuinely connect with them and help raise them to meet their full potential.

Glory Days

Don’t live in the past. The best is yet to come!

Warm Desserts for Sukkot

Get ready for the best part of the meal!

The Sukkah’s Embrace

Rebbetzin Kanievsky & the sheltering sweetness of a mother’s love.

Meals on a Stick

Spice up your Yom Tov meals with all types of fun and funky skewers.

More Soups for the Sukkah

Warm and cold soups, perfect for this time of year.

Sticking to Your Resolution

Just because I did it imperfectly today is not a reason to give up the fight.

Adrian Peterson: Discipline or Abuse?

Does corporal punishment transform kids into better people?

8 Ways to Teach Your Children to Respect You

How to teach our children to be respectful and establish authority in our homes.

Don’t Dread Rosh Hashanah

Unencumbered by past mistakes, now is the time to start anew.

Easy-to-Make Rosh Hashanah Recipes

These recipes are not only a huge hit but they freeze well too.

Am I a Grinch?

I don’t want to strike up personal conversation with the salesperson.

Courtesy No Extra Cost

My negative encounter with an airline agent.

Delectable Meals in 30 Minutes

Quick dinners for today’s fast paced world.

Cancer Warriors at Camp Simcha

Here there are no wheelchairs, no g-tubes, and no prosthetics; just souls.

End of Summer Feast

A light and delicious lunch menu.

Marriage & Mystery

Maintaining a sense of mystery in today’s oversharing world.

5 Things Every Child Needs

How to ensure your children thrive.

Opposites Attract

This couple has nothing common. What is the secret to their happy marriage?

Energy Boosting Foods

Natural power food for the summer.

Face to Face

Avoiding the trap of living parallel lives in a marriage

Easy Cool Summer Dishes

Light delicious fare super easy to make.

Mother & Daughter Tug of War

I stubbornly hang on to my daughter’s childhood as she stubbornly pulls towards adulthood.

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