Why You Have What I Want

This is the surefire path to misery.

I Guess I’m Not Okay

In an instant the traumatizing reality of the war came crashing down on me.

The 9th of Av in Rome

The most powerful Tisha B’Av I have ever experienced.

It’s Not Business as Usual

Do something daily to identify with the pain Israelis are going through.

Are We Desensitized to Joy?

Have you ever complained about receiving too many wedding and bar mitzvah invitations?

Cooking with Kale

How to best use this trendy food.

Road Rage

What did I do to merit such hostility?

A Letter to the Three Mothers

You taught us how to live with the light of faith that defies even the darkest nightmare.

An Extraordinary Wedding

Two young adults with Down syndrome got married and we witnessed a miracle.

Talking to My Kids about Death

What I told my kids about Eyal, Gilad and Naftali.

Sharing Our Grief

Three women share their pain and reflections.

My One Hour Mini-Vacation

All it took was a change in perspective.

Salmon Goes to Mexico

Two delectable salmon recipes that bring the bright flavors of Mexico into your home.

Four Marriage Boosters

It is never too late to rekindle the passion and love in your marriage.

Dress Code

Being seen as people, not objects.

4 Tips on Teaching Kids to Behave

How to discipline your kids in a positive way.

How to be a Parent: A Father's Day Special

Koby Mandell wrote this article on parenting the year before he was brutally murdered by terrorists.

Kids & Priorities

How important is that internship in Kenya?

Five Huge Mistakes People Make in Marriage

Even the best marriages require ongoing nurturing.

My Eight Favorite Parenting Lines

And why I credit Judaism for all of them.

Exotic Jewish Recipes

Distinctive, low-fat Jewish dishes from other countries.

Make Your Bed

There’s a good reason the army cares about those hospital corners. Judaism does too.


The story of Ruth is inspirational. The story of Naomi could have been also.

Light Dairy for Shavuot

Great Shavuot dishes that will make your Yom Tov delicious and extra special.

Raising Confident Children

We cannot shield our children from hard work and eventual disappointments. The same goes for parenting.

6 Mistakes I’m Making as a Father

My kids could tell you more but these are the primary issues I confront on a daily basis.

Falling Out of Love

We are not passive victims to life’s circumstances.

You’re Grounded

This wasn’t one of our best parenting moments.

For What Do Parents Praise Their Kids?

The best way to make a better world is to praise kids for what really counts: being good.

Lavish Lag B’Omer Buffet

Delightful salads to accompany your favorite BBQ meat, chicken or turkey.

Unconditionally Mom

Why your mom doesn't hate you even though she should.

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage

How to nurture the bonds that keep the two of you together.

Selling Ritalin

Kids are selling their Ritalin to classmates who crave the extra focus to do better on their exams.

Four Gifts for Mother’s Day

Appreciating the gifts our children have already given us.

Caring about Wrinkles

Comparing myself to those who are taller, richer, healthier and who have smoother skin.

Cheater Cookie Recipes

Because every gourmet chef needs an occasional break.

5 Ways to Celebrate Mistakes

Let your kids make mistakes and grow from them.

Grocery Shopping as Contact Sport

Where human behavior is on display – at its best and, more frequently, at its worst.

Discipline with Harmony

Parenting and counting the Omer.

Passover: Days of Future Past

Two remarkable women in my family personify two disparate attitudes about life.

6 Educational Principles from the Passover Seder

Ask questions, tell stories and make learning fun.

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